August 06, 2010

BIG HAIR. part 1

I was fortunate enough to get my hair did a couple days ago and thanks to Dawnbaby Salon, my hair was the biggest it's ever been and therefore the closest to the heavens I have ever been.

Posing with a piece by Mark Ryden, one of my favorite artists of all time. Also gives you all a pretty good glimpse of my smiley piercing.

Posing with Amelia, one of my favorite bloggers and also the third person ever to follow my blog.
And yes, I am aware you can almost see my butt in this picture, but I don't do squats and lunges for nothing so...
*90s easy-breezy mini-dress: Kitsch
*mary-janes: Target
*BIG HAIR: all me!

Stay tuned for BIG HAIR part II as well as an extremely exciting giveaway coming up later,
as always,


  1. Yes!
    I want to get my hurr did by Amelia, too!

  2. yeah girl!

  3. Aww, I used to have a "smiley" piercing, too! :D I love Mark Ryden's work, do you know Nicoletta Ceccoli? She has a similar style but it's much more 'innocent' (I actually prefer her artwork). xo

  4. It looks fantastic! I'm jelly.

  5. i adore the hair-do! lemme tell ya, big hair is the way to go. as someone who cannot actually escape having big hair, i'm happy to see that others embrace it! perfect summer dress too, in that awesome orange-red.


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