August 29, 2010

Argentina Part Uno

Hey folks! I´m writing to you from beautiful Buenos Aires Argentina! I know a place is wonderful when I´m already asking myself ¨When is the soonest I can return?¨ Sadly, I can´t post pictures until I am back stateside, but wanted to share some of my quick impressions of Argentine style:
It seems most women here wear pants, but that could also be due to the fact that it is winter and kinda chilly. Lots of fitted jeans tucked into mid-calf high boots with simple knitted tops. It sounds pretty basic, but looks pretty damned chic because people are quite put together and all the leather bags and shoes are really well-made. I´m also seeing quite a few harem pants, not just in solid colors, but striped or even faux patchwork. Practically all the young women I see have long, straight hair. I really appreciate the very distinguished and classic outfits I am seeing on the 60+ crowd (advanced style would have a field day here).
Well everyone, sorry to keep it so short but there´s a lot of livin´to be done in this passionate city so... until next time,
visited a flea market today... wait for it, wait for it....


  1. i hope you are having fantastic adventures, m'dear!

  2. It's so cool that you are in Buenos Aires. I want to go there some day too! Can't wait to read your stories about the trip to Argentina!


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