July 24, 2010

obsessive outfit of late plus new piercing and natural hair

Do you ever want to wear the same thing over and over? I've been wearing this dress pretty obsessively since I got it about a week ago. (Which is also when I got my smiley piercing, which you may only barely be able to discern in this picture.) Here's me at a friend's house with his adorable munchkin who was mesmerized by the tripod:

Like the koosh ball? The best part of this dress is the way it moves. The top is a bit big but wearing it off the shoulder actually makes it seem more casual, a plus.

*vintage 50s dress: nobody's baby
*90s see-through platforms: combining my love of clear plastic shoes with platform wedges
*vintage 70s belt: thrifted years ago in Virginia

Here's a close up:

Yes, those are sequins, applied to the bottom of the dress.

I also wore this dress to...

get cake! doesn't it look like Ralph Steadman wrote my name?

And to...

Bingo night! While I didn't win this prize, I had to get a picture of this hilarious slogan.
Hopefully I will start wearing a new dress soon. What's your most recent obsessive outfit look like or are you above that nonsense?
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  1. I totally get hooked on an outfit every once in a white! Right now it's my cotton 50s halter dress, so comfy and cool!

  2. had to say at soon as possible, you look great! i wouldn't have pegged that as a dress style that would necessarily flatter you, but it DOES! it's a beautiful dress... if you've got to wear somethin' over and over, might as well look good!
    i didn't realize that was a koosh ball til you pointed it out. i thought it was a large rock.
    and yes, looks like Ralph Steadman did your name... and that he got an unexpected outflux of chocolate around letter i. :p

  3. Your dress is gorgeous!! I do that all the time, I have a favourite outfit and wear it non stop!
    Lady Peach

  4. I do like the way that dress "flows" even on a still photo! I haven't worn anything obsessively because I do just the opposite... I forget about something after wearing it once then move on to something else. It's horrible. I'm trying to get into the habit of remixing.

    Thanks for the comment on thrifting! :)


  5. ooohh, do share! I want a fifties halter so much, no wonder you can't stop wearing it

  6. oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
    i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much.

  7. waw love your dress so much !


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