July 19, 2010


Last weekend I went to the Oregon Country Fair, started in the late 60s as a renaissance fair and now something between that and a hippie music festival. It's the more the type of thing to experience rather than document or explain, but here are a few pictures that can set the appropriate tone:

This was someone over at my campground. Best knuckle rocker theme ever?

This is the dragon that sorta serves as fair's mascot, at rest in its native habitat. Note its symbiotic relationship to the young tutu-ed lady, another species native to OCF.

Speaking of, were you wondering what I wore? This is me with my fake sister of the day. She also almost wore a red tutu but changed her mind last minute. Which is why you always trust your instincts.

What it looked like from behind (placing wishes, dreams and prayer cards on a copper tree in case you were curious).

Stilt walkers are abundant and here is my favorite one.

An intention line. I want to start one at home in my backyard.

My intention is the one on top. How cool are the drawings on the clipboard beneath?

I am really into monkey tattoos and circus monkeys (plus general monkeys) these days. I prefer my monkey on my calf, not my shoulder.

(those sneakers are like now, dead.)

These guys prefer a giant comical sub on their shoulders.

A handmade hello kitty bracelet! I had no idea these beads could be used for such awesome purposes.

I see bees everywhere now.

My favorite outfit at fair. I loved her homemade crochet garter, which sadly she doesn't produce commercially. I believe I am about to go on my first Etsy hunt... any suggestions? (help me find that underwear too while you're at it, mmmkay?)

Kesey's second bus.

and me bidding you adieu while reminding you that your shadow photographs best if you're wearing a tutu!


  1. sometimes i just want to run away and come see you! then we'll join the circus together...

  2. This festival looks so fun! I've always wanted to go to Oregon, I heard it's a truly unique place with lots of cool people.

  3. Great pics!! LOVE the monkey!!
    Lady Peach

  4. What a great fair! That is exactly the type of thing I would love to take my kiddo to. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  5. shadow photography in tutu definately best. how awesome


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