June 23, 2010

obsessive outfit of late

I'm breaking it up with the travel and architecture related posts (part of a week of daily blogging) to introduce you to two new friends of mine:

I'm not sure what I'd call this dress yet, but I'd like a name that was somehow both trippy and reminiscent of Austria. Any suggestions?
In any case, I was wearing it obsessively, as I am wont to do, all last week. That may seem odd to wear wool in June, but this has been a strange "spring" for us in Oregon.

*Vintage 60s dress: Nobody's Baby
*Mary Janes: by Kickers. Perhaps ugly chic? I know at least one of you definitely sees some ugly in there, but dang it, I love comfy shoes.

And this is Annie, my vintage glass perfume bottle cum prop gun. I know this will be a treasured object of mine for a long time and I can't wait it to use her in more photographs in the future.
Well, that's all for now folks!

How could I forget to mention my eyeshadow? It's "blue sorcery" from MAC's last holiday collection. I am a believer in holiday makeup worn year round, but especially this amazing aqua/turquoise shade I actually see as quite green, but is commonly accepted as blue (just like a beloved tattoo of mine).


  1. I'm such a big fan of your dress! I love the print. And I would say the shoes are ugly chic too, but leaning much more towards chic. If that counts for anything :)

  2. love the dress so hard!

    it may or may not be me who you refer to seeing a little ugly in the shoes...but yeah, they aren't workin for me that much. by way of explanation, i automatically mentally adjust shoes to my own gigantic size 11 feet, on which these mary janes would be straight up boats. i will, however, let you boss me around with your little pistol and blue eye shadow.

  3. the print on the dress is amazing.


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