June 26, 2010

Introducing Vicky Talluso

I epically failed on a full week of posting, sorry. But to make it up to you, here is a very special post photographed by Malin Laney that is partly dedicated to the memory of skipping math class to "watch a hushpuppy float in a toilet bowl" with my pal Sally:

"And now a word from our sponsor. You should know about Vicky Talluso. In fact, if you're tired of your life, if you want your life to turn instantly amazing, you should know Vicky Talluso. Things happen around Vicky, incredible things, meeting incredible people, having revelations, running from the cops."
--Lynda Barry, Cruddy, chapter four

Vicky Talluso, a character in my favorite novel, is who I was born to play in the made-for-tv-movie I've always envisioned could be possible with this amazing story. This outfit isn't so much a direct copy of what Vicky would wear, but captures her essence into something that I would wear. Vicky is the bad girl with a heart of gold and master of what I call mixmatching (mix + mismatch).


"...and then Vicky Talluso came walking right towards me, staring straight at me, wearing shocking yellow crinkle vinyl knee boots with super stacked heels and a twisted purple stockings and a pink and orange psychedlic shirt-dress with a lime green collar. Her long hair was swinging and she was wearing a type of hat called a tam, a tam made out of hypnotizing red velvet and she was moving so confidently and so fast and she was flipping me out completely, freaking me extremely. I could not think of one reason why a person like her would be walking so rapidly toward a person like me. Cause I am her opposite in every single way. I am about as detailed as a shadow." (Doesn't that make you want to learn more about the narrator?)

That's from when the narrator and Vicky first meet while skipping class behind the gym. Which is why I set these photos outside a historic basketball arena called Mac Court dating from the 1920s and possibly slated for demolition.

HELLS NO, THAT IS NOT A REAL SPLIFF. I am not passing judgement on smoking here, but for the record, that "spliff" contains an herbal mixture that Vicky herself would NEVER touch.

*Vintage "banana boots": thrifted (Portland).

*Home-made 60s dress: thrifted (Eugene).

*purse: beloved gift.

In another chapter, Vicky's beauty routine is described, which entailed getting rid of her unibrow.  I found this detail so endearing.

*Earrings: Village Merchants in Portland.

Here's my rant:
I did actually learn recently that a movie of Cruddy has been made for release in 2011. I'm going to give it a chance, but am already skeptical because the main character, who is written as ugly and unfeminine, is played by some total cutie. I have no problem with cuteness, but it seriously annoys me when bold and unattractive female characters, like Jane Eyre, are played by attractive people. (Don't even get me started on how they de-frizzed Hermione's hair in Harry Potter.) Having spent the first part of my life perceived as ugly by my peers, I fully recognize that ugly is a loaded term, one I've decided to embrace. People in high school do treat you differently if you are considered ugly, its a reality.

The perception of ugliness, as much as beauty, shows how subjective life can be. I have a really hard time distinguishing opposites on a deep level, most especially between these two since I have an extremely morbid and cute sensibility. Both ugly and beautiful things can be equally visually stunning and captivating. Rather than seeing the concepts as existing on opposite ends of a straight line, I imagine something more like a circle where the two meet at a certain point. My favorite art and artists tend to do a really good job of crafting the two together. That's why in my heart of hearts, I'll always see myself as an ugly girl.

Thanks everyone for joining me and hope you've enjoyed this post. I'll definitely be mentioning Vicky again, she is so near and dear to my


  1. you're so lovely. i especially like that you used the last "heart" in this post for two purposes. delightful!

  2. There is so much to love in this post... First of all, your already-fun outfit is made infinitely more fantastic by the fact that it is based on such an amazing-sounding character. And second, everything you wrote about the perception of ugliness hits SO close to home... Seriously, thank you. I love reading style blogs, but this post was something much more for me.


  3. how did you do that thick unibrow?amazing!!
    and the way your pictures portrays the story, i love it!

  4. So mod! love it.
    I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!

  5. girl, that sign says 4.20 pm.

  6. thanks! a company called accoutrements makes a great eyebrow set within which I found my unibrow

  7. HARD LUCK. I think.

  8. I believe the full quote was something like," Listen to me. Do you want to listen to some moron drone on about Spanish?... Or do you want to watch a hush puppy float in a toilet bowl." It wasn't a question. It was a statement of options. And that particular professor was a moron, you are correct.

    Your narrative photo stories are my favorites, I have to say. That dress surpasses other garden variety paisley 60s/70s dresses with its great collar.

    Why am I suddenly not remembering what Jerri Blank has tattooed on her knuckles? "HARD TIME?" HARD something?

    I'm definitely feelin your Vicky Talluso vibe in the photo with the faux spliff.

  9. more unibrow plz.

  10. it is as much a curse to be beautiful as it is to be ugly - because either one warrants difference - and we know how hard that is for groups to accept. if one wants to be easily accepted, best to just be nice looking and mediocre. the difference between ugly and beautiful is very slim, i find - jamie bochert and shostakovich are good examples.


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