June 07, 2010


Spontanenous adventures are my favorite and serve as proof that you should just go with the flow of the universe. I had awesome plans for last Saturday night which were randomly foiled that morning. Luckily, the universe had different plans for me, namely a completely spontaneous photo adventure to the coast where the Dune series was inspired. (Don't be fooled by the dresses and lipstick, I am a giant geeked out nerd for life). This is what I look like when you give me 30 minutes to go from gross slob to blog ready:

*Vintage 1950s home-sewn top: thrifted
*Vintage belt: Kitsch, Eugene Or.
*My trusty boots from forever ago
*Betsey Johnson dress worn as skirt from years ago

The dunes themselves.

After traversing the dune above, this is the view:

I love the wild, timeless and almost savage feeling I get at all along the Oregon coast. Best of all is the sound of the waves beating out every other worry or thought in your mind.

*Vintage 70s "saddle bag": Red Light, Portland, Or. (I promise to feature it again)

I just wanted to show off my manicure because I adore hot pink to the bottom of my baddass core.

Mostly I had fun using pictures from the day to create animated gifs:

If you know me, then you know for a fact that I loooove to frolic and I do mean literally FROLIC:

Me pretending to flash the ocean (actually showing off the button-up back of this shirt since I was proud to accomplish the feat by myself.)

*Cardigan: free pile, Portland. (Ideally I woulda worn a black or gray one but as I do not own one and threw this outfit together at the last minute...)

And then there was evening's main event, the sun's glorious descent into the horizon:

(fyi: no photoshop manipulation)

I hope you've enjoyed this post-- I do believe that me and my tripod are about to become very close this summer since I have so many more adventures and journeys already in the works or Melina-dream-machine. Any body else starting the summer off with a spontaneous burst of fun?


  1. that last pic of the sunset is just beautiful :)

  2. beautiful pictures!! what a view!! I love random adventures also and that is one I hope to make if I am ever in Oregon!

  3. oh my, i didn't realise these dunes existed! the west coast is really amazing... you look beautiful by the sea my dear, as you always do.

  4. oregon is so gorgeous. these photos are amazing. i especially love that sunset shot. cool videos.

  5. gorgeous photos! let's go small town thrift together!

  6. wow, that place is gorgeous and your pictures are fantastic!

  7. Fun pics, love the green top!

  8. These pics are sooo lovely! So vintage-looking and dreamy. And as always, your outfit is darling!!!

  9. I'm envious of your saddle-bag. And, your photos make me miss living in PDX. Well, a little. : p


    All this is Grace and Charm

  10. Love that pic where you're sitting on the rock with all of the green! Gorgeous!

  11. What a fantastic place, those pictures are gorgeous!

  12. yey! traveling! last year i drove the coast from vancouver (via vancouver island) all the way down to san diego - but i didn't have a chance to stop at the dunes. i love to see your photos of them, as i've missed it - incentive for me to get out there!!!

  13. pretttty. i miss oregon! and you! did you get a new camera? those photos are awesome.

  14. Loved this post...the pics are gorgeous!!

  15. no I did not but I do use photoshop abundantly these days. The camera I am holding in the video belongs to a friend-- pretty isn't it?

  16. I have heard that the Oregon dunes are a truly unique landscape unlike others in the west. Not sure how accurate that is, but I certainly have not seen anything quite like them.

  17. First of all, who took those pictures? Man, they must really have an eye for photography! Also, I can make you animated gif's very easily and quickly without an annoying website tag on the bottom.


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