June 24, 2010


After visiting Sisters last week, me and the fam continued traveling to nearby Bend, which I really fell in love with (and just weeks ago hosted the national beard competition fyi).
Let's start with maybe the prettiest building I've encountered in Oregon:

Shall we zoom in on its precise personal preciousness?

How awesome is that little critter? Quite similar to my own, isn't it? Still, I wonder if there is anyway to turn this gal into a tattoo as well?

This building has the most obscenely gorgeous windows.

And quite an amazing history as well.

Moving on...

This is a great modern treatment of a roofline.

I fell in love with this old Edsel immediately.

And now for some storefronts:

Not sure why, but found this tuxedo signage hilarious.

I'll end on the happiest concept I know: ICECREAM!

Thanks again everyone! Two more posts and I've made it a full week of daily blogging!


  1. the 0'kane building looks beyond cool, I love that little Bend circle in the window. where in Oregon do you live?

  2. Love the details on that window, I assuming its apart of an ice cream, parlor. yum!

  3. omyy i love all of these. Cute litte towns make my life.


  4. christine/tiemeabowJune 25, 2010 at 1:31 AM

    Hi Melina!
    How are you? Oregon looks SO interesting! I would really love to visit. Do you know how many hours it is from Seattle??

    PS I've heard of Tampopo! But haven't watched it, yet.


  5. That car is amazing, and such gorgeous buildings.

  6. amazing architecture! love that shot of you putting your lipstick on. adore! as to your question about my home...it was built it the early 1900's, craftsman style. i'll post photos of the outside soon!


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