May 01, 2010

Thrift Scores of the Recent Variety Part I OR American Tourists You Shouldn't Mess With!

So I decided against posting about last week's fashion show here in Eugene because I am just too busy and there has already been plenty spread all over the internet. Instead, I'm presenting you with a look and some gems brought to you by today's thrifting and yard sale foray.

Not from today:
*Vintage 70s platforms: thrifted, same place but a year ago.
*Cutoffs: DIY from jeans donated by Tavia.

While I do in fact wear dresses most days, I really love these shorts. They are super comfy, I don't have to worry about sitting on anything by mistake and, at least in my opinion,  DIY shorts are a casual wardrobe staple. Or at least in Oregon. Not sure what it is about me and vintage toy monkeys, but I keep finding them. I call this guy Pedro and together we are a super patriotic team. Here's a bit of inspiration behind the look:

How much more comfortable can an outfit get? Also as I've said before, my love of red, white and blue is a genuine aesthetic choice-- this picture should remind you other countries have adopted these colors as well. Not to say I have any problem with being American just pointing it out.
(From Nylon Magazine, April 2010 by Wildfox Couture.)

Now that I have a taller tripod, I think the self-portraits are getting easier although smiling naturally but not goofily... well may not be possible for me. The two-piece luggage set actually says "American Tourist copyright 1975" on it. The top and shades are also from the 70s. The little white handbag which you can't see very well needs to have its strap repaired. You'll see it more after that. Curious about my bracelet? I found it a yard sale on the way, along with a matching necklace:

Here's the two together, plus other gems from the day. (The necklace actually clips onto itself to close!) I can not believe my sheer fortune today with the other two items pictured here, namely a straight razor and photo from either sides of the turn of the last century. I've been wanting to start a vintage straight razor collection ever since my first tattoo (not pictured on this blog). My artist had a couple photos of himself posing daringly with one against his face, see. This Blue Steel baby features a celluloid handle made to look like tortoiseshell! The photo, well, I have no idea why on earth this cost only $5:

(sorry, this is the best scan I can get b/c there is a thin layer of glass above the photo itself). Unbelievable, really. That's burnt velvet on the left fyi.  Also collected today and over the course of the past few months are these vintage ties:

I found the third and fifth ones today, the former being my absolute favorite. The fifth one, which features little horns, says "made exclusively for the new york philharmonic" on the back. Either I will give these to my dad for father's day (friends know he is a dapper gent) or end up on Etsy.
Thank you for joining me for this installment of Thrift Scores of a Recent Variety Part I.


  1. This is my ideal summer outfit; so simple, comfy, and adorable.

  2. cute outfit! and that suitcase is incredible. i love the color!

  3. cute ! so colorful, dear :)

  4. Cute little outfit! Your quite the little bargain hunter =)

    Don't forget to check back at my blog tomorrow for a super amazing giveaway for ALL my readers =)


  5. ooh! you're shoes are perfect!! awesome finds indeed!!! great outfit!

  6. practical And stylish, a rare mix =)

  7. love your thrift finds! especially pedro, the photo and the ties! well done. and if you give the ties to your dad, perhaps you can post a photo of that dapper gent wearing one! :)

  8. such awesome ties!!!!! I'm jealous.

    You look so cute with your little monkey friend :)

    Hope the tripod makes it easier for you.

  9. Great Outfit, love the props too...

  10. i adore all of these thrift scores! especially the photo box. best not to question why things cost so little--rather thank the thrift gods!

    you know my obsession with vintage luggage, right? i have a dream of taking a stack of hard -earned cash and buying all of the vintage luggage to be found on the "40 miles of yard sales" trek to roanoke. we need a pick up for our next trip, and possibly to plan around that event.

  11. I am so jealous. To this day I have never fond an outfit at a thrift store that looks 'me'. Waaah!

  12. your face in that second photo is priceless, i love your self shots! adorabubble. is there a hair wrap hanging from your hair? if so i really enjoy it.
    also, i wanted to tell you that i found the ultimate thrift score last week. A GIANT BAG OF WEED. true story. it was sitting on a book case near the check out, i gave it to the cashier just to see her reaction. hilarious!

  13. those vintage platforms are amazing!

    lovelove, M.

  14. thank you so much for your amazingly helpful comment! im on the look out for a shop near by!!!!

    have a great day,

  15. Wow, thanks everyone for such kind comments. Glad the shoes seem to be so popular as I plan to wear them quite a bit this summer.
    @steph: I actually do totally believe your story because I knew someone who worked at the goodwill pay-per-pound outlet and she said someone once found a big bag of weed there too. I guess I don't exactly score that way in thrift stores...
    @sonya: I will join you on that trip. To this day, I still believe the world's coolest luggage is the one I traded Gabby for...
    @drollgirl: My dad only wanted the striped one. Not sure if he'd be down to be featured in blog world, but maybe I can anon. out some photos somehow...

  16. so late in throwing my hat in the ring, but: I love the 70s (not the VH1 show); I love the platforms (almost time for me to break out my pair- albeit the expensive, nonthrifted kind); and I fucking love cutoffs. I get a Rollergirl (from "Boogie Nights") vibe from this.

  17. Oh yeah, and the suitcase/s... man I would carry that shoulderbag around all the time, esp to the office. If around January 28th of next year you're getting tired of it, you know what to do! ;)

  18. I love the luggage and the 5$ antique photo find!! It's most likely a daguerreotype from the 1850's-1890's.

  19. @Sally: I take the rollergirl comment as a huge compliment. Although I was not channelling her directly, she is one of my favorite style icons. 70s sportswear was the bomb! Also, I in fact, do have a pleasant surprise come jan 28...

  20. @Malin: someone told me this is also called a "tin type". I have not been able to come up with whatever terms I need to find a more similar item on ebay but I can't wait to show it to you in person.

  21. Oh my goodness!!! i'm absolutely obsessed with vintage american tourister bags! I wish i could bring them with me to college, but alas, there is not enough space in New York City for me and my collection.

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