May 14, 2010

Spring Outfit and Giveaway

Sorry my posts have probably been getting a bit repetitive with the background and poses. So finally, here is a bit of a refreshment I hope:

*Vintage 1970s Sundress: thrifted (Oregon, this year). I love cotton sundresses from the 70s because you can enjoy the era's amazing prints plus its own retro inspiration from the 50s without engulfing yourself in polyester.
*Shoes: from Italy a few years ago. They are sorta ugly-chic to me, a phenomenon on which I will definitely blog at a later time. They have a clog look that I sorta hate-but-love combined with the slightest bit of weird fetish shoe wear and sorta remind me of these shoes:

(detail from the Arnolfini Wedding 15th century Van Eyck Painting). I love me some freaky chopines.

Yes, that is my desk and hells no it is not normally this tidy. The earrings are my beloved Tawapa pair.

And now for something completely different... A giveaway!

Wow, I can't believe I have 50 followers already and so many regular commenters. So, this is a small but fun giveaway for followers. The details:
*prize: two vintage 50s/60s books pictured above plus a postcard from me and stickers, maybe some buttons and who knows what else I might throw in there (in good taste of course!) Both books have inspired paintings or drawings by me and I'm sure would also be great material for collages.
*to enter : you must be a follower, sorry. I'll have a facebook giveaway later. Please leave a comment by May 20th 9 PM West Coast time below. Mention this giveaway on your blog and get 2 entries. Be sure I can contact you if you win! I'll be drawing names from a hat because I like to do certain things old skool like that.

Hey, let me also mention this Sunglasses Giveaway on another great blog that ends in two short days. You already know that I just love statement sunglasses. Because if Sophia Loren has taught us nothing it is that what is the point of wearing sunglasses if you are not going to make a statement?
Thanks everyone and good luck!


  1. This dress is totally fantastic. I currently live in Portland but am moving to Chicago (my home city) next week. I was just lamenting today that I'll never find the same thrift-store greatness...


    All this is Grace and Charm

  2. I'm with you, I have to say that I thought clogs were the ugliest things on earth until I saw them on the Chanel runway. Ugg how awful does that make me? Really awful. And can I just say that that is one of coolest giveaways I've heard about? I will absolutely mention it on my blog. I've been thinking about doing a Where's Waldo book giveaway because give what you what and all that, right? Ha!

    Oh, and lovely outfit. Really, that dress is so beautiful, and the shoes are a great fit with it

  3. the clog situation is the same for me! i see ome that i lik and then theres ones that are not that great!
    and those books look lovely, it would be great to get the same inspiration you had too!

  4. AHHHH I love those shoes. I think I've always hated clog/platform style shoes, but this year I am in love and those are perfect.

    I thought I had added you to my google reader ages ago but i didnt so i apologize for not commenting on your blog.


  5. woaw your style is so different..!!!
    comment back!

  6. Hiya melina... Just got your comments on one of my posts (the wall pocket one, I think lol)

    You can find my email addy to the right, the little photo of my Dads Big Band.

    Would love to share resource ideas and such!

    By the way, eBay has it's own category for vintage paint colors (catalogs), and somewhere on some blog recently I saw someone mention a current paint company is reproducing vintage mid-century paint colors. Be darned if I can remember where I saw that, tho... =( In my blogroll somewhere...

    Love your blog too, you are adorable!

  7. lovely look!
    your blog is great!!

  8. oh la la lipstick is good for you.
    p.s. those shoes are ferocious, i WISH i had them. if the hate in your love-hate relationship ever overcomes you, send those puppies my way, please!

  9. p.p.s you know how i feel about polyester and the 1970's so YAY for this amazing cotton dress!

  10. LOVE that sundress! You look gorgeous, great colors! I am definitely a follower, oh and your comment on my "chocolate chaise" post cracked me up! XO!

  11. love the dress! and your hair is adorable!

  12. Mujableena, (this is your name of the morning infused with special fun .) J'adore ces photos! Em, I love!!

  13. Lovely dress and you look so beautiful :) x

  14. i love this floral dress, so nice :)
    xoxo from Brazil

  15. that oldschool shoes from 15th century are great! I once been to an exhibition of old corsets and I would like to see something like that about shoes from old centuries!

  16. thank you, thank you, thank you! :]
    I am happy with your comments.
    and I love your style using vintage prints.
    love poems too. and this weird shoe is cool! :]
    come back soon, dear! I'll be here too!

  17. i love chopines - especially the ones from balenciaga 2006 (though very humorously they were paired with those extremely short skirts).

    as far as that arnolfini portrait is concerned - i have been hunting for someone to make me a custom copy of the convex mirror in the back of that portrait for years. someday i will own one!!!!!!!

    and you look lovely as always in your photos.

  18. cute outfit! luuuviiiing the denim!

  19. It's my first time entering your blog, and I'm so happy I found it, just wanted to say that I love it and that I love those shoes! :)

  20. Just found your blog, it's great. LOVE that dress - did you alter it at all? It looks like it was custom fit :)

  21. great dress and congrats with all you followers!

  22. I LOVE this outfit on you!!! Everything about it is fabulous!!!!



  23. oooh, I just came across your blog via an Australian site. It's charming! I really love the architecture shots. I always look at pictures before I read and was just thinking, wow, those shots remind me of my travels last year (I traveled in Washington state and Oregon) then when I actually read your profile I was oh Duh.. I am just new to the world of blogging and love coming across gems like your page! - Lizzie

  24. You look darling! Love your dress, sweetie!

  25. What is your home address? I am coming over to raid your closet ;)

  26. well damnit, i left a comment on it but forgot to verify it or something, so it got deleted.
    here it goes again.
    i always think you look good, usually cute, in your photos, but you look legit BEAUTIFUL in this shoot. The cut of the dress and your makeup are stunning - or rather, make you look stunning.
    I'm investigating the Tawapa earrings since I too like a large hoop, but they are exPENsive. damn. did you thrift them or just pay full price?

  27. I think your shoes are cute! They're the "in" thing these days! :)

    Plus, how lucky am I? I visited your blog just in time for this cool contest! :)

  28. i really love your dress it`s beautiful


  29. Super cute dress, and thanks for the pub...I'm sorry I missed this:(

  30. loving the blog lovely!

    xx .sabo skirt.


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