May 12, 2010

"the sex is in the heel"

That's a quote from Lola in the movie Kinky Boots, a cross-dressing cabaret dancer who helps transform a failing men's shoe business into a thriving heels for men fashion house. Such is the transformative power of these shoes, which make my every step feel like the hardcore vixen from my last post.

I guess by now you've figured out my outfit formula:
vintage dress + cardigan + mary-janes/boots + hosiery = Melina's ready for anything

*cardigan: banana republic via yard sale
*Vintage 1970s dress: gleaned.
*earrings: my favorite ever by Tawapa.

Thanks for indulging more of my narcissism everyone,


  1. LOL Sounds like we use the same outfit ingredients. The print of the dress is extra gorgeous!

  2. You look so beautiful (as always!). Love that, and I'll have to check out that movie, sounds interesting! In re: your comment on my post, that is not my house! If I had the skills to put that together, I probably would be working as a designer and not blogging! Very sweet! ;)

  3. Amazing outfit!! I loveeeee your style!!
    Btw great blog!! I'm following...

    Mine is
    Hope you like it and share the love following me too!! ;)

  4. i'm guessing that's your kitchen, if so it's wonderful! the curtains are great and remind me of my style-icon-grandmother's house.

    and i love this mix of patterns!


  5. great dress

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  6. Cute cardigan! Thanks for the lipstick tips :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  7. Love the dress and the cardigan....such a cute outfit, as always!!
    Lady Peach

  8. this adds up to very successful outfit formula! very nice!

  9. the earrings are gorgeous!!!
    found your blog on one of the IFB group I just joined and am now a follower :)


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