May 04, 2010

Sassy Sixties Schoolgirl + Shout Outs

I'd like to start and end this post by addressing my readers. A friend of mine who has been blogging (politics) for 3 years told me he was surprised by how many comments I get on posts. Well, me too in a way. I don't exactly get a huge number of hits per day, but for every 10 or so visitors, one is leaving a comment. And very few are the "drive-by" kind. Seems like a fairly enthused bunch to me. I started blogging more seriously about three months ago because I needed a public creative platform, and also because I'd been feeling like an island in a sea of squares in real life. So, in short, thanks so much for your interest in my blog and outfits. I swear your attentions have karmically affected the square factor in my real life since I started meeting cool people in town around the same time people started reading my blog.

Now to my outfit from yesterday, of which I swear I could only get 1 decent photo:

*Vintage 1960s Dress: loot from when Georgia let me invade her wardrobe (yes, for reals). Ironically, it is Lilly Pulitzer. The irony being that where I grew up modern Lilly dresses were the epitome of country club ill-fitting faux-whimsy prepdom. Le sigh. The original owner left her name tag in the dress too, so here's my shout out to Betty Roosevelt!

*Vintage Cowboy Boots: (by Laredo) from Red Light in Portland which is *not a thrift store*.  Oddly, while thrifting on Saturday, I saw an identical pair along with a matching cowboy hat with a veil equaling what was no doubt a cowgirl bride.

*Tights from Marshalls (serious source for hosiery people): It's still slightly too chilly to go totally bare-legged and I love to mix a big print with a busy one.

*Vintage charm bracelet: thrifted, featuring souvenirs of Seattle and surrounding areas. (see last post for info on other bracelet).

*The book I am holding is Trailer travel here and abroad: The new way to adventurous living, a source for my thesis on vintage and historic Airstream trailers. I am referring of course to the thesis on which I have been steadily slacking... someone slap some discipline into me please!

Those are not wraps in my hair, but feather extensions. I've been trying to get a good close-up but this is truly difficult to do on my own.  Luckily I will be pairing up with Malin Laney later this week. Wait for it... wait for it...

And now for something completely different...
Maybe some of you will notice this is the first time I have appeared on this blog with manicured nails. One thing that has really stood out to me from other fashion blogs is what a huge difference nice nails can make on overall appearance. I have an absolutely terrible habit of picking my nails, which makes having a manicure pointless. The combo of seeing nice manicures and reading the following passage from Household Searchlight Homemaking Guide made me realize I needed to end this truly deplorable habit.

From the list of egregious errors of etiquette: "Picking. Almost all of us have known a 'picker'... the person who picked at her teeth and lips.. her cuticle or her nose. We want those people out of our minds as quickly as possible. Picking is a nervous habit that is easily carried about with one, and practiced while reading in the easy chair, or engaging in conversation. It is one of the most disgusting habits, and every person should make a real effort to avoid any of it."

Harsh, I know, but a wake-up call. When I imagine style superheroes like Sophia Loren or Mademoiselle Robot at home being naturally glamorous but practical, I do not imagine that they pick at their nails or have ragged cuticles. So I have dedicated myself to eradicate picking from my life. I've found one article that has so far helped, the biggest piece of advice being constant manicures. (I wish all my bad habits could be cured with more self-pampering... oh wait, I do believe they can!)

So, readers, have any of you given up or struggled with a similar habit? Do you have any inspiring manicures that could be the carrot on the end of this stick? Or did this post just end up making you queazy?
Thanks again for tuning in and taking the time from your day to see what I am wearing and thinking about.


  1. Adorable look for you, love the dress and boots!

  2. i love those tights. what is marshalls? i don't think we have it in canada, but lucky for me i'm moving to LA soon so i'll stock up on tights. and stuff from target.
    i pick my lips and this post really grossed me into stopping that habit... by wearing more lipstick!
    oh melina, you're a genius.

  3. Love that dress, it's precious! I have a similar one in style and age, it's not Lilly alas.
    I do pick at my cuticles on occasion I am ashamed to say. Perhaps we can make our own support group.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Petit Rococo giveaway

  4. Yes, having nice nails makes a difference. I was a habitual nail-biter for the first 25 years of my life; my nails were atrocious. All of a sudden, I just stopped biting them and I haven't gone back since - which is so cool because I never painted my nails and felt like a total boy because of it all. Now, my nails are super-long! I love them, but I only wear red, nude, or grey nail polish. I was really into all the cool colors when I first started painting my nails, but stopped after everyone copied me. Haha. Jk. Wow, this was a long comment.

    As for comments, I'm always surprised when I read Google Analytics or Sitemeter because I never knew I had so many readers, but really comments are probably the best thing about blogging. Hooray for all of us!

  5. LOL, I think you get more comments because people would rather read about lovely outfits than messy politics any day, hahaha.

    Those boots are awesome!

  6. Wow-- five comments in less than five hours. And with 40 visitors in that same time, more than 1 in ten commented. And actually read what I wrote. Now that is validating : )
    @steph: Marshalls is like a discount clothing and home goods store across the US. I am under the impression, though, that downtown LA has a great many different type tights and accessories to offer. I am willing to bet that since tights have been so trendy and notable lately, there will be some serious designer knock-offs too. I could be wrong, but I do remember finding underwear and socks in downtown LA which is not too far removed from tights. Also wearing lipstick will keep you from picking b/c the result will be red makeup on your face and that is just never a good look outside the bedroom or circus ring.
    @CR: I think a signature manicure is a great idea, esp. as I think in the work world people notice your hands a lot. My mom really only ever paints her nails nude or Chanel Vamp (for like 10 years) and it's always struck me as her being classy versus boring. Also all those colors work with most any clothes or situation.
    @lemondrop: good idea! I actually did just start a group for that on ifb to which I will invite you.
    Thanks again everyone!

  7. woops, almost forgot you Dionne: I think you may be on to a point actually. Perhaps with a politics blog even if there are 10X more readers, they may not feel they have anything to directly contribute to the conversation online? However, with a fashion or image focused blog people's compliments or criticisms might be easier to express.

  8. Great, fun, informative and lively post!

  9. hey girl hey... just letting you know i'm giving you these awards xoxo jen

  10. i pick at my cuticles. ugh. it was easier to quit smoking. cute outfits!! oh, and i just visit my friends in japan, they enjoy when i come to travel with them. i will hopefully be going back in the autumn. i've never been during that season!!

  11. @kn: OH NO!! easier to quit smoking??!!

  12. funny, i had the exact same reaction (to the LV bags) at first i thought "ick" and then the more i took in the ensembles the more they grew on me, not likely i'll be getting one anytime soon though!
    and might i add...i am loving your blog, and am not surprised you get oodles of comments, since you're the sweetest ever and also have fantastic styling capabilities!

  13. I have a terrible cuticle-picking habit! I will literally pick or bite at them until they bleed (sorry, gross, I know). When my mom used to tell me not to bite my nails, I'd tell her, "I'm NOT. I'm biting AROUND my nails." Lol, what a brat.

    Manicures totally help with this. I don't pay to have them done regularly, but I do take the time to keep polish on them at all times. I do my nails probably once a week, generally while doing something mundane and hands-free, like catching up on my Tivo/DVR'ed shows. :) It's become really relaxing, actually, and it absolutely helps me stay away from my nails.


  14. In response to your comment on my blog - yup, I did some photoshop editing to change the color of the pics, hehehee. And yep, I do the illustrations myself - it's fun to try and think up what to draw with each post.

  15. Ha ha I thought you said in a sea of squirrels! LOL, I crack myself up! Love that look, really fab, vintage Lilly, you should totally keep that around! Anyway, I'm so glad you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could meet you, I like what I see and I'm definitely following!

  16. Hey! Love that dress! I found a vintage 60s one in black and white like that! As always I appreciate your comments on my blog as well!

  17. Oh dear, now I feel guilty about my nails. I do the same thing, I pick at my nails and bite them. It's kind of gross really. Plus I take forever to re-polish them. It's a cruel cycle. They look nice for about a day. Anyway, I'm kind of sad you missed out on the cowboy bride ensemble, that could have been a real conversation starter. But I love the 60's dress & feather extensions. It epitomizes cool. Seriously, it does.

  18. That Lilly dress is so cute! It's so retro-mod! You look very cute! :)


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