May 28, 2010

In Memory of Alice

A while back, the darling Malin Laney and I took a day's worth of photos while the rhododendron garden at Hendricks Park was in bloom, some of which I already posted earlier.

This outfit is obviously chaneling Alice... the dress needs a bit of altering, but was too fun not to wear during one of the warm spells that occur this time of year.

Choices, choices! The bottle on the left contains my anti-goofy pills...

...luckily the other bottle had the antidote!

*Vintage 50s party dress: Nobody's Baby, Eugene

*Nude Heels: buffalo exchange (Frye)

Being a big kid is the most fun and therefore most stylish approach to life in my opinion. If you are looking for someone to be your professional inner-child, look no further.

Wow, this is maybe the best photo of me ever taken. Way to go Malin!

But she wasn't the only one getting snappy that day (har har). I had my trusly ole' Pentax that I hadn't used in 10 years since I was a high-school sophomore. It's amazing to see how much my vision has and hasn't changed since then.

Me in action and the results....

I printed out a bunch of both of these prints, although the other prints are all far lighter and more washed out as I wish to practice hand-coloring them (!!!) More as developments continue... (I'm terrible with the puns today, I know). The bottles are from the late 60s or early 70s but are pretending to be 19th century. I really love reproductions that have become historic or vintage in their own right, and just repro in general. David Lowenthal in The Past is a Foreign Country writes about how a culture's representation and interpretation of history creates a mode of cultural inquiry. Wow, meta history! It's crazy to see a particularly drugged out generation representing the pharmaceutical containers of another extremely drugged out era (those Victorians were wild, believe me!)

Well readers and viewers, I hope you have enjoyed this installment of Melina Bee the blog, brought to you by  Malin Laney Photography. Sorry I've been a bit slow about posting-- it's finals season! Luckily summer is right around the corner and Malin is all better so we have some exciting posts coming up as things heat up, thanks for joining me,


  1. i love twitter for telling me about this post moments after posting. i love everything about these photos, and it makes me happier than i can possibly explain that you write intellectually about fashion and design. xo

  2. amazing photography. i love the alice in wonderland theme. happy to have found your blog.

  3. Your photos are just so beautiful every time. Adding you to my blogroll immediately!

  4. Very dreamy and interesting photos!


  6. I really love the photos! and the dress is so beautiful! :)


  7. Wow I would really like to read the Lowenthal book you mention.
    If you are into watching some crazy 20s in the 70s anachronism, check out The Last Tycoon (1976). It is Kazan's last film and based on a Fitzgerald screenplay about a washed up director in love, At points tough, it feels like Robert Altman making something by Nathanael West.
    The movie really feels like the end of the world -- the clothing is SO wrong you cant help but think the inaccuracy is intentional. But then again, I guess 70s movies are always really pathetic about evoking an era besides the 70s (does the picture quality make small flaws pop?)

    Anyways, nice post, Melina!

  8. i love these photos
    hahah and your captions are so cute

  9. Great dress, and your really honing in that wonderland magic in these pics!

  10. Oh man I so love this dress, it's nothing less than really really cool. My adjective vocabulary is failing me today, so just know I like it, a lot. :)

  11. Oh my gooosh! I love these photos so much. You are so gorgeous. So glad I found your blog! hehe. hope you're having a great weekend! x

  12. Gorgeous photos! Love the blog. :)

  13. how perfect. i love the dress, the back is especially nice. ooooh and all the tiny little bottles! <3<3<3
    mamushka marie

  14. j'adore ! tu fais une super Alice ! quelle poésie !

  15. Oh, I love these photos! You look beautiful in your powder blue party frock and those tiny glass bottles are the perfect accessories to your Alice-themed shoot!


  16. Everyone, thanks for being so nice!
    @abby: actually I have seen that movie and read the book one summer in richmond during a local college class on writers in hollywood, so we also read nathaniel west too. I was not into anachronism as acutely then as I am now (would have been before I met you) so I should prob. rewatch it. good call!

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  18. amazing dress!
    how do you make your photos always look so vintage?

  19. Oh ! Thank you so much, you're sweet <3

  20. What a vision you are! Such a gorgeous dress :)

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  21. This is one of the best yet. Every picture is a gem. And that dress is completely awesome. Though it doesn't hurt that I've always liked Alice in Wonderland, even the Disney version! (OK, especially the Disney version.) That park is ridiculous-beautiful.

  22. Although I think I will consult Randy Constan for all my professional eternal child needs. He has a BUSINESS card. Definitely legit.

  23. These photos are just magical :)  I love love love the one of you peeking through the branches and I love your Marilyn piercing!  Super adorbs blog!
    XOXO Lori from


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