May 23, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Congrats to the winner of last week's contest, Stina, who is doubly blessed to have recently landed a job at a thrift store!!

Speaking of contests... I'm off to play scrabble tonight, which is the best game EVER in my opinion. And here's my outfit:

*Dress: the famous Rodarte for Target lbd. It's inspired by my favorite movie of all time Harold and Maude. Apparently, I read in an an interview with the designers, this particular dress is meant to represent Harold's morbidly dark sense of humor. Amen to that and sparkles! This girly loves her sparkles.

*Boots: Vintage, thrifted in Portland about 3 years ago

*Vintage 1950s Cardigan: the trunk at Nobody's Baby in Eugene.

*Filson Jacket: from an amazing size-small women's clothing swap in Portland a couple years ago.

*Tromp L'oeil stockings: can't remember but danged foxy eh?

*As always: earrings by  Tawapa

I wonder what tonight shall bring?

Smug Victory?

...or submission to a better scrabble player...?
Only one way to find out-- I'm off!


  1. wowow im actually in love with that dress and all the vintage stuff you buy too!

    congrats to the winner!

  2. I'm so jealous. I was waiting in front of my computer until i could order rodarte stuff but they were sold out of everything!

  3. We should totally play scrabble online sometime. There should be some kind of scrabble tourny for all bloggers. It could be one nerdy affair but I have to say I'd really want to be apart of it. I'm admittedly not very good with getting long words, but the short ones can hurt just as much if placed over certain squares :)

  4. thanks for the feedback!
    i always thought that girls with bigger legs would suit it more as the shoes are quite chunky and it will give the illusion of skinner legs! but it makes me feel better that maybe it would suit me because i was gonna send them back!

    and the thing with my ankles i always wear ankle boots to cover them i just have a silly thing about ankles! hehe

    also looking forward to your next post!

  5. You look adorable! I absolutely adore how you styled that dress. Oh, and Scrabble is pretty much the best game ever invented, huh? :)

  6. Love those tights! And Scrabble is totally one of my obsessions! I love the scrabble iphone app so much!

  7. I LOVE Scrabble. It reminds me of that movie "The Wedding Planner" where she and her dad are on a scrabble team.

    Those boots are awesome, by the way.

  8. @ all scrabble fans: I know, it IS the best game ever isn't it? It combines both luck and skill.

  9. Like Amy T mentioned above I have a thing about covering my ankles as much as possible too.So I love boots. I guess we all have our quirks.

  10. Seeing you in this dress makes me regret not picking it up, it looks amazing on you!


  11. again with the lipstick... dang lady. can you explain the feather extensions? i need more information. second photo = my favourite, by the way. xx

  12. Scrabble IS the best game ever! Problem is no one else thinks so....


looking forward to hearing from you!