May 20, 2010

20s Scrapbook Part III: Total Badasses

This post continues up on a series I started introducing some images from a 1920s scrapbook I thrifted a year ago. My friend, a punk-rock historical archeologist,  commented on how sad it made him to think of this family heirloom being cast off helplessly into the thrift wilderness. Well, although I'm so glad to have found this treasure, I can't help but agree with him a little, especially since discovering how cool the scrapbook's creator and friends must have been. Given some of their antics, I am beginning to wonder if maybe they aren't somehow... here in spirit. I've heard that the ancient Egyptians felt that to recall the dead was to make them live again. But sometimes I think more than anything, the past and its artifacts just help remind us that life has always been meant for the living:

Yeah, you know  you wish YOU were in this photo. And you know what follows drinkin'....

THE DEVIL!!! By which I mean, of course, dancing. "Elves, fairies, sprites, tap dancers and acrobatic numbers"-- certainly a sordid crowd. Which can only lead to worse...

GIRL ON GIRL!! Holy shizz... how much further can this debauchery get?

Yes, these once fresh doves, lured by excitement and intoxication, crossed the inevitable line into immorality.  Nothing will stop them from pursuing that next thrill. You had best watch out for these two crazy biotchez!! Or stalk them, whatever.
 (Also, now that you know there is pirate-themed stuff from the 20s, doesn't it make you feel high just a little? Or, like, am I the only one?)

Thanks for joining me again, and sorry for the delay in posting. I'll be announcing my contest winner sometime late tomorrow.


  1. classic pics!it wouldnt feel the same if it's a coloured photographs lol

  2. We see so little of these old treasures in our daily life, so it's great to see them on a blog.

  3. One day someone will find a scrapbook of photos of fashion bloggers from the 2010's (preferably in 80+ years) and they'll be like "oh my god they look like they're having so much fun posing in their apartments!" or maybe Melina that will be you and me in an old folks home, unable to recognize ourselves in our youth.

  4. a retired physician just brought a scrapbook in from medical students in the 1950's. these soon to be respectable members of the community are drinkin' and dancin' like there's no tomorrow! i love to look through the party photos for the couple kissing behind the column or the person standing and observing in the background. i feel so honored, in a way, to be the guardian of these little treasures, captured moments of very real lives.

    p.s. your girls are the best!

  5. That is so cool! I'm so glad you're the one who got your hands on it so you could take care of it and share with us!

  6. So are the newspaper clippings also main players from the photos? Can you tell?

    This scrapbook is so cool. I want to be their friends!

  7. Great pics

    I was actually stopping by cause I saw that you commented on "Zebra & Meerkat's" blog post about the sunnies! If you leave a comment over at's 100th post you could be entered to win three free sunglasses!



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