April 07, 2010

Today's Outfit, or, gee, photographing yourself is hard!

Today's outfit was a spontaneous outburst of spring! It's been sunny here lately, which is still exciting this time of year in Oregon. Sadly, little of said sunny springy outburst makes it into my apartment. Not that much of it makes it into my back patio either, but, oh well.

*Vintage Cardigan: Free-piled on my most recent visit to Portland. Can you believe someone would give this away?
*Vintage Eyelet Dress: Village Merchants in Portland.
*Leggings: American Apparel via free pile from second most recent visit to Portland. (If it were warmer, I would not wear them.)
*Vintage Heels: Recent thriftscore.

*Vintage Necklace: random yard sale (rural Oregon)

I know I look kinda goofy in both photos, but I swear out of 40+ shots these were the best.
Thanks for joining me!


  1. I love the heels, and the sweater.

  2. Such great colors!

    I agree, photographing yourself is NOT easy! So time consuming.

    How is Oregon?! I would love to visit and possibly relocate there one day :)

  3. I'm seriously loving the styling here. So good. You're a genius!!!

  4. @malin: Thank you! just imagine how great they'd have looked if you were behind the camera!
    @christine: Oregon is beautiful, but the weather def. takes getting used to! Especially if you're relocating from a place with 360 sunny days per year!
    @corazones and Festy: Thank you!! You two would know!


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