April 15, 2010

Today's Outfit: Easy Breezy 50s Teeny Bopper

(from The Reader's Digest Teenage Treasury  printed in 1957)
    You know, as a teen girl and until fairly recently, I really hated teenagers. But over the past year, mainly through the process of forgiving and accepting my own adolescent self, I've come to appreciate and empathize with this "demographic",  especially the ladies. I could go on and on, or I could just quote Neko Case who sums up my feelings completely:
"Don't let the wolves in pretty girls. Your hearts are so tried and so innocent, while your flimsy blue gowns tied around you, around curves so comely and sinister... They blame it on you, pretty girls." ("Pretty Girls" off Blacklisted ).
         Like so many many things I once hate that I come to adore, I hope teen girls will always be in my life, not just so I can guide them, but because they are the future of fashion! So, to get to my point, I was  excited for a surprise lunch with my friend's teen sis today. As adorable and motivated as she is, I'm sure it is but a matter of time before her graduation from beauty school makes national headlines (start booking appointments now to avoid waiting later!) I was so excited, in fact, I broke out of my recent trend of wearing a gray tee and l/jeggings. Instead, I  put on a non-flimsy blue dress. A dress so healing to my spirit it merits introducing my concept of the Easy Breezy Dress

Some key defining features of the Easy Breezy Dress:
You want to wear it everyday, you feel so comfortable and so yourself in it! It matches tons of your shoes and accessories. It is flattering and matches so many of your favorite makeup looks. And if you are me, an easy breezy dress must match my everyday boots. When you walk lots of places, you are into comfortable shoes. (That and my foot tattoo is still healing and most shoes rub right up against it!) Do you have any dresses that qualify as an Easy Breezy?

*Vintage 1950s Dress: thrifted about two years ago in Virginia. Yeah, I really am that gifted. Don't even think I'd leave you all hanging without a close up:

After about a year of speculation, I have determined the brown things are  fruit gathering devices. Does any one else have a clue?

*belt: thrifted
*petticoat: free pile (for the full story)
*lipstick: the irreplaceable MAC Russian Red which looks amazing with light blue fyi.

Don't know why, but I just love photos of me where I am pretending to be shocked. If teen Melina had known she'd one day own such a fabulous wardrobe and nearly all of it thrifted or gleaned, yeah, she'd have made this face! Before I take off, here is one last goodie:

Yikes! Glad I didn't come of age in that household! Her dress is kinda like mine though, huh? If "Milady" lived in Oregon, she'd probably have western boots on too.
So, what about you guys-- had a painful adolescence you're learning from? Do share. Til then,


  1. I heart Neko Case too, and the mysterious fruit gathering devices.

  2. Oh I really love it! I am crazy about vintage ;) xoxo

  3. you are just lovely, what a beautiful dress.

  4. You are SO beautiful you know?I adore your style girl.
    I followed your pretty blog.Can you please check mine and follow back if you like it too?


  5. great pictures rather adorable :) love your blog


  6. oh so lovely! i adore the little lace peeking out the bottom!
    m a m u s h k a m a r i e

  7. you like like such a sweet girl.
    The dress and your hair are matching perfectly.

  8. Ha ha very cute! What a great idea.

  9. Those are such cute photos, and I love those boots by the way too :)

  10. how incredibly adorable is that dress??!?! i adoooore vintage style.



  11. You are all too kind really, thank you thank you thank you!!
    Please do keep coming back.

  12. Haha I love your dress. You look super cute in it! I don't really have any painful adolescence experience to share though. I don't think my high school years were fairly pleasant. But it would be fun to hear about other's teenage years.

    Eve's Eden

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  14. These images are rad. Thanks for posting these -- love to see something outside of the box.

    off with her head!


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