April 12, 2010

Today's Outfit: The Deer Hunter

I guess the self-portraits will eventually get better, right? In the meantime, you guys get to experience my learning curve and dumb facial expressions!
Today's outfit resurrected a shirt I haven't worn in a while but wore almost every day for a few months in the summer of 2007, when I had first moved to Portland.

*Vintage Shirt: D.I.Y: simply chop off the sleeves of an oversized T-shirt, fringe up the sides and tie together. Voila, a totally snug, curve-lurvin' tee. I used to wear this over leggings with white fringed cowboy boots (yes, you'll be seeing those later on), but that is not quite right for school. (thrifted at the Portland "bins" which is an pay-per-pound goodwill outlet).

*Vintage Desert Boots: thrifted (NYC about four years ago).

*Jeans: J-Brand Jeans from Blake in Portland. Yeah, I know what you're thinking "she wears fancy jeans." Yeah, I do and guess how many pairs of jeans I've owned over the past two years? One, these. Quality counts, and especially if, like me, you like showing off your bee-hind.

And on that note, I'm off!
Hope you've enjoyed today's dose of my daily outfit.


  1. Wow, that's an awesome DIY! Your portrait skills are definitely looking great.

    Are J brand jeans that great? I've heard that a lot lately. Is it true they don't fadE? I should invest in a pair.

  2. I love that reconstructed deer shirt! Your hair is also super cute!


  3. @chrstine: thanks so much! in terms of the jeans: what's so great is that they have the perfect amount of stretch and it doesn't get lost in washing. In terms of fading, no they haven't faded either, but I'll admit to absolutely babying jeans in terms of care.
    @Teresa: thank you! It felt like a gamble going without the straight iron today!

  4. your outfit is absolutely fantastic - not depressing like 'the deer hunter'. i would never think of doing that with a t-shirt and it looks really cool! thanks for the tip!

  5. cute tee; love the way you've style it!


  6. I love your pictures!

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  7. very cool shirt. on a side note, i'm in love with the clock on your wall ;)
    oh yes and the shade of lipstick i wear is MAC "ruby woo"...it's the perfect red shade, don't you think? :)
    Mamushka Marie

  8. Who KNEW something cute could be made out of one of those shirts!? Inspiring....

  9. PS You might like these bags I posted about today:


  10. @kathrynova: lol, I thought to include some reference like that to the movie but feared giving it away... good call though, this outfit is not nearly so grim as a certain soldier's fate...
    @Elea: I knew.
    Thanks everyone for your darling compliments! Please be sure and share any tees you end up diying this way!

  11. Man, I love that clock. Was it thrifted? Was "The Last Supper" also thrifted?
    Gorgeous boots.... and I also happen to think that your skills at self-photography are improving.

  12. @Sally and M. Marie (regarding the clock) yes it was thrifted! I still can't tell if it is vintage or repro. I sorta suspect it may be a 70s copy of a 50s aesthetic. Hard to tell as it has been painted over by a previous owner.
    Glad my skillz are improving!


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