April 26, 2010


The past few days have been super busy. In addition to putting together a journal for my university program, I also made it up to Portland to say bye to some friends before they move and attended a fashion bazaar and show here in Eugene Saturday night. I need to learn some video editing skillz before posting about the Carnival of Couture as it's known. In the meantime, enjoy these vintaged up glimpses of Portland. One of the best things to do in Portland's east side is just for walks. Every where around you, some glittery bit of inspiration is waiting to catch your eye. Let's start with some architecture, shall we?

I fell in love with this old GE plant. Perfect for the lomo effect too.

I hope they don't tear this baby down. You know in Germany several historic but outdated industrial complexes have successfully been rehabilitated into historic industrial parks that feature artwork, performances and education. America should take a cue.

Now that we've seen the propane, let's move on to the sacred: (50 points to anyone who knows where I stole that malapropism).

I have always adored their mint green gothic window trim.

More turn of the century gothic goodness.

Appropriately nearby...

This one brings out my inner history detective. That's kinda what being a historic preservationist is all about, fyi. So the original house is a Queen Anne from the late 1800s. But the staircase is not from the original construction-- the commercially prepared woodwork is different, but it is also 19th century. When the original inhabitants moved in, everyone lived in the one housing unit. However, something occurred to necessitate a second, private entry. So it is my educated guess here, that the family was intact and then shortly after construction the lady of the house became a widow. It was very common during the 19th century for middle class widows to rent rooms as it was one of their only means of income. Sorry I can't cite my sources here as I'm generalizing from several books I read through last year.

And now for some wheels:

Can't believe I saw two totally amazing black pick-ups. If only I could be in a pick-up truck threesome...

Gosh, matte paint jobs are so hot.

Perhaps less handsome, this pickup is photogenic nonetheless.

Sometimes love is blue...

Another great thing about Portland is the popularity of urban chickening. I'll have to scan and post the polaroid I took of the chickens who used to live next door to me. My friend Ryan just got two of his own:

Portland also has its share of stylish plants:

Anyone know what this plant is called?

Some people will complain if their neighbor keeps the front yard this way. Not me, I'd be shooting many a photo up in this gorgeousness.

Who knew palms grew so trippy? Portland somehow manages to successfully nurture random tropical plants.

And of course, Portland has amazing street style. This time around, all my love was for the boys:

Classic rockabily chic. I just love a man in plaid.
And saving my favorite pictures for last:

Totally adored this outfit and found it very inspirational as a traveling outfit because it looks comfortable but still quite classy and beyond put together. So the next time you fly first class dressed like a total slob, know that you have no excuse.

Well thanks for joining me again, talk to you later this week darlings,


  1. great pics Melina!
    Gabry Tig

  2. i love all these photos.
    especially the green and yellow house and the gothic looking car.

    and the outfit of the man in the last image is fantastic, i love all the colours he's wearing.

  3. thanks ladies-- both of you I know take great pictures so I am very flattered. I should add, however, all photos have had the color manipulated. The last outfit's colors were slightly more muted and his sweatshirt was light grey with no hint of green (as the picture indicates)

  4. Man I love all the PS effects (I'm assuming that's what it is, unless you just live in a REALLY cool alternate color reality ;)

    Seriously though the architecture is impressive and really beautiful.

  5. I love the yellow house picture!


  6. your photos always make me smile.
    love the queen anne house and the bikes.
    i live in vancouver and we have palm trees here too. it's kind of unnerving to see them, especially when it snows!

  7. I NEED to move to Oregon, like, NOW.

  8. @cr: you can stay with me and we can go thrifting! and then blog about it of course!

  9. Fabulous! Fabulous! Love the rockabilly man and 'well put together' man. They look like real characters as well. Very entertaining post. Thank you! :)

  10. Love the Pics...you have a great eye for spotting classic style...those dudes were definately ready for the photo op!

  11. @katorra: yes they were both just standing there totally still for like 3 minutes before I approached either of them. They were secretly waiting for me to come along I'm sure.

  12. Your pics are charming ! Beautiful colors...

  13. Thanks for the tip--I'm going to start reading that site! btw your photos are gorgeous!

  14. real cool post!
    you did some edit to those picts right ? =)

  15. cool shots! I love the first and the truck the best :) reminds me of a family trip I had to illinois last winter, so much charm! have a great weekend!



  16. very sweeeeet blog! Will be back for sure!
    Come to visit mine:
    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  17. great pictures! i've been using photo shop to manipulate pictures myself. i think most people wouldn't even realize that they were digital images.

    p.s. i love you blog! i'm definitely obsessed with vintage clothes as well.

  18. Really Like your blog!

    The Maison Happiness

  19. lovely pictures! those chickens are so cute!

  20. i was born in Portland. it is such a great city. love the pictures


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