April 05, 2010

Pin Ups and Vehicles

I'm hoping to feature more classic cars on this page. You all know I love them! In the meantime, I've digitized a bunch of vehicular ads and articles for a Flickr set (click):

I'd love your comments on these and I hope they will inspire you.

To help celebrate, here are some vintage babes, wheels and motors from Mecanix Illustrated. (click for larger views; titles indicate issue date)

Did you know I love poodles? Especially 50s poodles.

Blondie is a cutie. Great wallpaper in the background, too.

I am loving this classic look; the mini-car, the tartan plaid and the blazer. Proof that red lips and nails make vintage menswear sexy, not stuffy.

Let's just say shawty can grab my headlight anytime!

Arrivaderci Bitches!


  1. oooh...I so want to rent a classic for my wedding...traveling in style! okaaay

  2. yes! where I grew up there was a dude who rented out his white Rolls Royce specifically for this purpose

  3. I love old photos like that. Thanks for sharing this!


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