April 14, 2010

It's Swimsuit Season at Mecanix Illustrated!

Eeep! It's still a bit cold here in Oregon to be prancing about in swimwear. (April showers...) But a lady can fantasize about living near a perpetually warm beach, right? (click for larger view; titles indicate issue date)

They are both looking foxy, wouldn't you agree?

Sadly this is how the image was originally cropped. Wtf?

This is how it's done, eh?

Mecanix Illustrated had these photo-contests every month. Seems like the entry with the most scantily clad woman tended to win most often. I suppose the contrast of knitted swimsuit against skin is visually stunning...

What a gorgeous Lauren Bacall/Veronica Lake lookalike! The photographer probably kept the matress as a perverted memento. Not that I blame him necessarily.

This reminds me quite a bit of the cover of the original Little Mermaid video. the more you look, the more subtle clues to wieners there are.

So pretty, especially the top left pin up. I love old school colored photographs, plus she exudes innocence.

Well, they may aspire to odd things, but these ladies do so stylishly. Far more so than the crew of MTV's Jackass wouldn't you say? I love how swimsuit bottoms of the era had that little faux mini-skirt situation happening.

That's all for today, but new outfits posted later this week!
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  1. thanks for posting this through facebook--those 'gator grappler images are not to be missed. this whole post is pushing me towards buying a pinup girls swimsuit for future beach frolicking...you really can't find a more flattering line on every body type than these classic cuts!

  2. @sonya: F-no you cannot! And I for one do not believe in relegating such fabulous looks to the beach and poolside only...

  3. Amazing pics, I love these old magazines!

  4. wowowow so old school indeed!


  5. i love these pin up pictures and the swimsuits!

    In reply to the editoral i posted up, im afraid i dont know who the designers are! The photographer only posted teh pictures up and didnt even include who the editoral was for! But i still fell in love with it!

    And the bleach jeans unfortunately i didn't take any pictures along the way but i immersed the shorts in water just enough to slightly cover it and squirt bleach on random sections of the shorts. Wait for 15 minutes and see how it came along and if one side is lighter i put more on that section. and i do the same to the back too!

  6. Love the one pieces and the swim caps. Way to wear one of these caps in the 00s without looking ridiculous...? xx

  7. i love how these pieces flatter every figure so perfectly...i bought a vintage swimsuit off of etsy over the winter and can't wait for summer to hit so i can wear it at the lake! ooo, now i'm off to see your etsy shop!

  8. Thanks everyone for so many kind comments! Certainly did not expect so many!
    @Sarah: good question! I personally would wear one with an outfit that is definitely beachy with clean lines and make sure your swim cap looks distinctly vintage. I have a great one with a floral pattern from the 60s, but it is super hard to rock because of my bangs.
    @Mamushka: please don't wait for the lakes! I'd love to see how you'd make a vintage/inspired swimsuit a "transition into spring" outfit. You have layering down to an art so...
    @Amy: thanks! that sounds easy enough without pictures. Let's see what I come up with...

  9. i love the second picture of you!


  10. Great pictures! Really like your style;)

  11. Right now I'm super into mixing proportion sizes / vintage and modern cuts together. I have high waisted bathing suit bottoms that I can't wait to wear this weekend! I want more high waisted bottoms!



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