April 21, 2010

Free Bird

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Rhododendron garden in Hendricks Park for a photo shoot with the lovely Malin Laney. Only this time we were both shooting photos. We got two sets of photos, the latter of which I'm posting today. Both were inspired by a painting of mine from 2007:

The painting was part of series called "Hair I Wish I Had" which was about hair colors and styles I wish I had (surprise!). It was inspired by my favorite painter and dear friend Georgia's comment that she started painting in high school so that she wasn't so consumed by her hair. I guess this was my response. In a perfect world, I could pull off white blonde hair that could regularly be embellished with Kool-Aid. But I can't, so instead I'm out here in the blogosphere. As you can see this painting contains one of my favorite color palettes to use for outfits and style.

Malin spotted this perfect tree nook for me, perfect because I had already titled the shoot "Free Bird". Also because the park apparently features some wild turkeys.

*Nude Heels: From my last trip to Portland, these are already an absolute favorite of mine. I will not be getting rid of these until they have turned to ash (Frye via Buffalo Exchange)

*Vintage Apron: thrifted.

And now for something completely different, let's check out my accessories:

*Taxidermy Pendant: a beloved birthday gift from Sally, who obviously gets my taste in accessories. It is by a grande company Custom Creature Taxidermy Arts. So in case you are wondering what to get me to go with this lovely necklace...

*Earrings from Cargo, in Portland.

*Vintage 1950s Dress: Can you believe I got this for a buck at a yard sale? I had a packrat/collector friend who decided he just had to give up on his collection of vintage party dresses and fast. When will that happen to me again?

*Vintage Crochet Apron: Portland Bins.

*Vintage 50s Cardigan: from the trunk at Nobody's Baby in Eugene.

Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this candy colored post. Join me on Sunday for my post about Eugene's biggest fashion event, the Carnival of Couture fashion show and bazaar.
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  1. lovely painting and i like how you edited the photos.

    ooo and that vintage apron :)

  2. Is someone channeling Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music? These pics are great they have an interesting and somewhat whimsical feel to them.

  3. i love the necklace! see you on saturday at the show!

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  5. Loooveee your taxidermy pendant!! I used to dye my hair with kool aid all the time haha!!

  6. Great photos! They kinda make you look like a cute little fairy =D


  7. Can I just say- WOW- you and Malin make a formidable team. The colors and styling of the photos are just lovely. With all these awesome photos, I think you have quite a wonderful fashion blog on your hands, and I say this TRYING to be objective.
    And I continue to marvel at your thriftscores. Though as usual, I wish I could see an unimpeded look at the dress and shoes...
    And nice pendant. I like it with the pastel girliness of the rest of the outfit. I get an Alice-in-Wonderland vibe, just 'cause of the blue dress and white apron- which was her outfit in the Disney cartoon. I might have to consult Custom Creature Taxidermy for a future gift... :P

  8. love your necklace !!!!!!!!!! =)


    =* =)

  9. I love the light and misty picture that looks like you surrounded by fireflies! (the second last one :) It's really dreamy and beautiful.

  10. Beautiful photos, I love the bleached out one, it's awesome.

    Love from Tweet


  11. really cool photos. In a perfect world my hair would have volume and no frizz... I need to get a new haircut soon

  12. you have amazing photos!!!
    i love your blog


  13. thanks everyone for such lovely comments! I will sooner or later post about some of my favorite free photoshop/blogging tools and the like that I've found on the internet. Be sure and check out Malin's own blog too-- my name is on this page, but she's more responsible for the quality of those pictures than I am.

  14. My favorite is the first one- where the dress has a blue-ish tint to it, and you are looking down. Your hair looks so perfect pulled into that gentle curl. Tres belle.


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