March 18, 2010

Today's Street Style Brought to You by Agnes

I really don't want for blogging to take over my life. But how could I not post a picture of this amazing street style? It was my first time asking a total stranger if I could post a picture of them on the internet, but luckily Agnes was gentle.

Her style, however, is fierce as hell!!!


  1. Nice! Her bold tights, tough boots, and "mismatched" bracelets are classic queer femme style (not that she specifically is or is not queer identified, it's more of a style thing). Also the combination of beautiful and fierce elements.

    For a ton more examples of queer femme style if you're curious see:

  2. Yeah, also you can't tell because her head is turned, she has one "mismatched" earring that is neat and dangly and blue.

  3. I am suuuper flattered! AND Bravo to the commenter on the Queer Femme Style... I am a huge Femme-tastic Queer-mo!! In SF where I live, there is a huge Queer Femme Positive scene with beautiful ladies who wear lipstick and wear spike stilettos made of switch blades. Melina, your a sweetheart and Ill be seeing you again for sure hon! xo Agnes En Vogue

  4. Sweet! Yeah, I'm a queer femme. I grew up in the Bay Area, and lived in Portland for 5 years where I had a lot more of a community around being femme. It can get a tad lonely for me here at times, but I don't think I'll be living here forever.


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