March 09, 2010

she's got legs...

...but more importantly, she knows how to use 'em!

This post is dedicated to my friend "Ag." who is maybe the most adorable pervert I know. Just to prove there ain't nothin' but love between us, this one is for you!

I promised fans on facebook that I would soon be putting the "what's up?" in "pin up." I still have quite a bit to unveil here on the blog, but let me begin by giving you a glimpse (and I do mean glimpse) of things to come...
I recently bought a scanner so I can finally share some of the amazing images from my small cache of "Mecanix Illustrated" from 1948 through 1953. Behold:

I love how boys can be so in awe and yet totally clueless about hosiery. The following is a real conversation:
Boy: "...well, there's like some kind of new female gang taking over Portland strip clubs. All the girls are getting these lines printed down the back of their legs."
Me: "Um, that is simulating vintage hosiery."
Boy: "But the line stops mid-thigh."
Me: "Yes, that's how hosiery worked back then."
Boy: "But sometimes there would also be a circular band where it stopped. That's gotta indicate rank or something."
Me: "Yeah, that is also how hosiery worked back then."
Boy: "Ok, but sometimes the tattoo continued on the heel. What the fuck is that?"
Me: "It's called a Cuban heel. But you're right, it is all part of an elaborate gang hierarchy. They call themselves the 'Nylon Mafia.'" I wish.

I love that the illustrator made sure to give her stocking-seams and to give both of them really nice round asses.

Who knew that gladiator sandals looked so good worn with fur? Oh wait, Russel Crowe in Gladiator...

Personally, I think on legs this great, the stockings will eventually find themselves torn no matter what they're made of...

I'm so in love with this image I can hardly breathe. Between the shoes, the stockings and her hair... my brain is short-circuiting...

And new in S...

...exiness. I love tailored skirt-suits with hot hosiery and heels. It says: "business up top, party you know where."

And finally, I did promise you all a glimpse... so behold some seriously cropped polaroids of a certain blogger's gams taken in some moments of inspiration...

The last one was taken during a performance art piece I did years ago when I was just a lass of 18 called "the body dress". It involved making a see-through dress fitted with pockets, each one containing a hand-sewn replica of every human organ except the heart. Instead, I had a piece of paper cut in the shape of a heart simply reading a Blake poem:
"O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy."

And I think that's as good a place to end as any. More exciting changes still to come-- that and about 150 other amazing images from Mechanix Illustrated and other vintage publications.


  1. what would i give for nylons that didn't run?!

    A LOT.

    as per usual, the pair being currently worn incurred a mysterious hole by noon. the life span of black tights in my closet is brief. ug!

    p.s. i will fully support any mentions of you getting the back stitch tattoos.

  2. haha, i'm not getting those back stitch tattoos... with legs like mine, that'd be like gilding the lily... lol.
    seriously though, if you lived in portland, ripped hosiery is no problem. people out here wear the same ripped pair for years and its not even a fashion statement. that is why i love it out west.

  3. That Garter Buzzer is amazing! I had no idea that such things existed.

  4. this is really cool and entertaining to read. I like your blog!


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