March 12, 2010

possibly the most stylish music video ever...

or at least recently

I don't care if it's everywhere else on the internet or even if the song is not that great. I love all the fetish and patriot inspired wear, plus Beyonce's bangs and eyeliner are to die for. As in, I'm copying that look as of today.


  1. Yes! Also I just found out that the butch who Lady Gaga kisses is named Heather Cassils, and Gaga specifically picked her to be in the video because Cassils is a artist whose work focuses on the performativity of bodies in US culture. Her Statement says:

    "I am an artist, stunt person and a body builder who uses my exaggerated physique to undermine and interrogate systems of power and control."

    Her website is:

  2. Wow. You know one thing I really liked about this video was she included a diverse group of women. I just did not realize HOW diverse...


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