March 14, 2010

Pink + Red = True Lurve 4Eva'

So, a couple days ago I showed you my "I'm busy cleaning and getting shizz done look" via me as Terry. If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that those images represented the boy side of my Calender Girl style concept. Well, now you get to see the softer side of M:

Sometimes my outfits have names or characters sorta associated with them. Not so with last night's look. I just wanted to illustrate the fact that red and pink look so amazing together! I remember a girl in middle school telling me that certain colors just shouldn't be worn together... and being the total Aries that I am, I could only think "fucking lemming!". Six year old girls and British fashionistas have proven for decades that pink and red most definitely make an outfit special.

*Dress: Nobody's Baby. It's actually a hostess/ dressing robe. Quilted, biased cut from the 1950s. It needs to be shortened in a terrible way which is why you're not seeing more of it.
*Mustache: also from Nobody's Baby. Yep, they make pink mustaches now, one for each day of the week. Pictured is the Cowgirl (Friday).
*Earrings: gift from my dear auntie B.
*Hair Clip: 1950s dead stock Bakelite from The Bakelite Lady at the San Francisco Vintage Expo.
*Lipstick: No, I did not photo shop the color, that's just how fabulous Nars Dragon girl fatty lip crayon looks and photographs. Hooray for matte lips!

Before I go, I will also comment rather vainly on one other very special feature of this picture. Normally I loathe profile shots (hey, everyone has their hang ups), but the magical healing properties of pink + red are so powerful that somehow, an inexperienced photographer coming down with a cold managed to get an amazing profile shot.

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