March 04, 2010

nobody's baby...

An apt title for a blog both about a shop named Nobody's Baby, but also about getting a facelift in stages. Well, not me, but this blog. It's been about a year since I started blogging here. I figure if I can go a year I might as well get serious and whip out ye olde html books and tutorials. Like any good fire sign, I learn by doing, so... bear with me... I figure everything looks better in polaroid format, right?

But in honor of the spirit of fresh-faced retrospection, I must give a shout out to one of the finest vintage shops in North America. I've heard that boutique owners in LA snatch up garments here as though it were wholesale... having visited LA I believe it.

It's like gorging on a cake sundae... for your eyes!

You can visit them at 365 E. 13th in Eugene, OR. It's worth the drive up from LA.

Ok, well that is the first of many stages to my blog facelift. Hope you enjoy!

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