March 18, 2010

My Bike: So Pimp It's Ridiculous

Before this blog continues, you all must meet my wonderful and trusted steed:

When I first moved to Portland years ago, I went on a mad quest for the perfect bicycle. No luck in any of the dozens of bike shops I scoured until I got the following gem of wisdom: bikes find people, not the other way around. I gave up, and a couple weeks later, I was sitting on my front porch when a burly guy on this beautiful 1940s or 50s Junior Miss's bike passed by. "Why can't I find a bike like that?" I thought. As he turned the corner, I saw the "For Sale" attached to the back fender and proceeded to run faster than I ever did all those years in track (for real). She's been my loyal companion ever since. She even has a comic book alter ego named The Blue Streak of Justice. But on the day to day, she's just Bossy.

I recently outfitted her with new streamers and bell. I love red, white and blue together. While I do love America, it's an aesthetic choice, not a political one. (After all, lots of countries including Thailand, Russia and France have chosen this delightful palette for their flags as well.) The old ones had gotten a bit dingy:

The streamers looked like they had mange. That won't do for my girl's mane. The bell used to say "I <3 My Bike" but the heart wore off in one day so I have been riding around for years proclaiming "I My Bike". That wasn't really an issue. But after I saw this bell, I mean, come on, nothing can get cooler than this:

Well, except maybe this tattoo.

Well folks, that is all for tonight.

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