March 14, 2010

calender girl style

Back in Fall 2008, I posted a Myspace blog about a sorta style theme I have going in my life. Since I'll be letting you all privy to the weird shit in my head, this is a concept I'll be referring to pretty often.

The Calender Girl is a two part style concept based around mid-century American pin up culture. It's got a male component and a female component. Think of them as yang and yin.

On the one hand, the male hand that is, is the young man who is looking at the calender. Jeans, boots, biker inspired gear, vintage plaids, camo, sailor styles, rock shirts, western and surf wear (in case the young man hails from 1960s Santa Cruz). Oh, and then there's the plaid hunter/lumberjack jacket. (Gaia, if you are reading, sorry, but so long as Oregon remains in my heart, that jacket will be in my life!) He's just a regular guy, only kinda back in time. And on a very femme chick. Who is at heart, an adorablly perverted guy from back in the day. My mission statement shows you that side of me. My wang, er, yang, if you will.

And then, on the other end of it, there's the girl in the picture. That's kinda where the real fun begins. What makes her different from say, Playmate of the month today? Character imbued with and emanating glamor. When I look at old pin ups, there's a subtle innocence in the form of mystery. Something in the picture always has an element of mystery I'd like to call an "invitation to personality." You want to see more of this girl in real life, just walking around doing normal stuff. Like, how great would it be to see the girl in her skivvies from page 9 serving hash browns or enforcing the law? This look involves all kinds of "girlicious" to quote Blaine from Project Runway V. Vintage and repro dresses, tulle, lace, velvet, mary janes, narrow waists, hosiery, color, florals, bows, accessories, glitter and all that sparkles!

While the looks are most often separated by the fourth wall (that guy jerks off quite a bit), guess what? In this postmodern reality, sometimes the boy does see the girl from page 9 shelving books at the UVA medical library. The two looks can co-exist together at once or with one lurking beneath the other. (Wait for my post on my Pacific North West calender girl).

So, now you know.

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