March 24, 2010

Birthday Week Part I

Since you last heard from me, I had the delight of going up to Portland for the first part of my birthday week which officially began Sunday at midnight (21st). The evening was both kinda epic and rock'n'roll but also low key and friendly, much like Portland itself. We started things up Saturday night at one of my old haunts Beulahland. I musta been lookin' right because the bartender who never once so much as glanced up at me when I frequented the place bought my first round. Poison of choice? Patron and a barback. I'd like to state for the record I drink hard alcohol very rarely, especially these days, so I figure I'll make up for quantity with quality. That and good tequila manages to bring out my inner crazy without also bringing up my inners.

I wore these crazy fake nails I'd describe as grandma-chic meets porno-chic.
Things moved pretty quickly to Red Flag, which has one of the best bar food menus ever because everything is fresh and can be made to satisfy either vegans or omnivores.

That's the WTF. This girl can appreciate good sauerkraut, especially when she's got on claws.

You must be dying to know what I wore by now, right?

You may recognize the dress from this earlier post, thrifted Contempo Casuals. Fatty fishnets are my new favorite thing maybe. Pinball has been my old favorite thing for years. Only bar game I really get into, must be all the lights and sounds. Sorry the boots (also thrifted) got cut off, here's a closer view:

Sassy, eh?

Another great thing about Red Flag is the wonderful murals all over the place:

(click for a larger view)

The clock struck midnight and soon after we headed over to Union Jacks gentleman's club to kick it up a notch. No pictures from this part of the evening unfortunately. Also unfortunate is the fact that bars in Portland close at 2:30. I had always wanted to stay in the Jupiter Hotel, and so I did where of course I had to snap some photos:

In that one I feel like I managed to channel one of my all time favorite pin ups:

From 1000 Tattoos edited by Henk Schiffmacher.

I do believe that is a good place to end this particular post! More about the rest of my time in Ptown tomorrow.


  1. Sexy as hell!!

    a) got to see your little hands- which look much bigger (in a good way!) with the nails.
    b) oh my god those boots...
    c) and i second your usual sparsity with liquor... but tequila is a great respite!
    d) great pose on the bed.
    e) and i love the 90s.

  2. did you get a cute haircut? also, who did those nails? awesome.

  3. the nails are lee press-ons, from Fred Meyers. Yep. a certain redhead gives me nice haircuts all the time...


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