March 24, 2010

Birthday Week Part Deux aka Portland is so Inspiring

Sunday, the 21st, was my actual birthday (thanks mom!). Since I had practiced the principle of drinking good alcohol slowly and in moderation the night before, the morning was free of a painful hangover with a vice-like grip on my brain.

I am a sucker for themed places, especially if the theme involves deer and other woodland motifs. And that is why I love the Doug Fir people.

That's the same dish, one vegan, the other not. So Portland.

Fake nails have me convinced I'm now a handbag model.
Sweater- recently thrifted; 70s
Bag- Thrifted. That color leather is called "cognac" by the way.

Since my main pal here in Eugene (who was kind enough to drive up for the occasion) is a vegan and total hippie, I had to reward his efforts by introducing him to People's Food Co-Op, one of the best grocery stores in the world.

(click for larger view)

This building was put together with love and cob, which is a material much like adobe. I love earthen structures oh so very much. I consider the building of them a very serious form of cultural conservation, which in itself a form of historic preservation. Especially when the components are all locally and ecologically harvested. The people at People's know how to do research.

(click for larger view)

They also know how to garden. One of the best things about Portland is its wild and wonderful gardens. So many crazy types of almost tropical plants can thrive here. Luckily for us, it was gorgeous and sunny day, so it was like the cosmos was smiling upon all matter of life.

(click for larger view)

I do believe this is the visual definition of "fecundity".

A wonderful and ecological water entrapment system = inspiring irrigation (Yeah, I'm a dork, so what?)

(click for larger view)

You know I love murals people.

(click for larger view)

I consider arrangements like these "garden passages" (as in a passage from a book, not a hallway).

We were lucky enough to bump into this stylish lady on our walk as well:

I love her sweater and tights! One of the best things about the west coast is a far more accepted and abundant usage of ripped hosiery. Thanks Hannah!

Next we headed over to Sweet Pea Bakery because, hello! it was my birthday and I needed cake. The Oreo themed slice was yummy, but the sweetest thing in there was in fact Laura, behind the counter. Or should I say "bee-hind"?

(click for larger view)

Her new bee tattoo seemed like a special omen since I was then planning to (and now just did) get a bee tattoo myself. But then I saw that she also had key tattoos!

(click for larger view)

We must be like, jiving on a similar tattoo plane or something because she also had a tattoo of something I've considered getting for a while now:

(click for larger view)

Some of us know what it means to be a good pen pal.

After the bakery, my pal took off and I spent the rest of Sunday and Monday visiting with friends, old haunts and good times! (to quote Jerri Blank sorta). Also encountered some amazing free piles and the best pair of nude heels ever (I will wear them until either the shoes or I are dust). You'll have to wait to see them though, because I just got my foot tattooed! More posts to come during this auspicious week!


  1. clearly all of my torn hoisery needs to migrate west. i just keep saving it all for unknown reasons.

    love the earthy glam of this outfit! where did you pick up those hoops? i noticed how awesome they were in richmond, but now i covet them even more!

  2. My bad for not realizing I had them on in that photo! (They are my every day earring. Yep, my everyday earring is a tribal doorknocker).
    They are by a brand called Tawapa and available at select piercing shops. I think they stopped making that particular model (it is horn) but still make very similar ones out of wood and metal. It's not cheap but its also completely fair trade and ethically harvested from natural sources.

  3. wow, they have some wonderful designs that manage to look very unique in what is usually a very prescribed genre(ironically, i tend to see the same tribal designs repeated without innovation).

    after seeing yours, i scoped these out on etsy:
    yeah, someday i'll be rich, but i'll spend all my money on accoutrements.

  4. I heart earthen structures, People's Coop, murals, and your nails!

  5. i can't stop staring at that tree with the flowers!

  6. I should have mentioned those are called Camellias. They are all over portland this time of year and so so gorgeous! I feel like a vintage pin up just looking at one I swear.

  7. can't wait to see your tatoo :). And I'm glad you curious about Poland! It's such a nice thing to hear! :).

  8. That honey bee tattoo is great! Will be nice to get to see pictures of your little buzzer too!


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