March 27, 2010

20s Scrapbook Part II: Chic Portraits

While I wait for my new tattoo to heal and for belated birthday gifts to roll in (seriously I do not care when they get here, the mere thought is enough), I'd like to continue with my 1920s Scrapbook Series. Be sure to check out part I.
Since I'm feeling scabby, let's focus on chic portraits for their healing properties, shall we? Bet you wish your passport photos looked this good! (click for larger views where you can; they did not all look good at larger sizes)

Same girl, different levels of layering. Some things remain perpetually in style.

I am lovin' the waves.

WOW! This is the epitome of 1920s glamor, no?

So contemplative.

And last but not least, here's one that made its way into the paper:

What a lovely everyday look-- career woman meets school girl.

Thanks for joining me, visit again soon please!


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