March 05, 2010

1920s Scrapbook Part I

A few months ago, when I was giving a friend a ride out in rural Oregon, I stumbled upon a little thrift store with really rude staff (sadly not all old ladies are as nice as the one I am destined to be), mostly garbage clothes and a handful of magical gems! The kind that remind you why you don't seek therapy for your compulsion to go through other people's cast offs. Perhaps the highlight of those gems is the following 1920s scrapbook:

I'd been meditating on vintage scrapbooks after seeing the most amazing one obviously compiled by a hair salon from the 1940s through late 50s. (It is now owned by my very lovely hairdresser.) As the thrift gods are apt to do, they reward your wishes, just not quite how you expected. My treasure was compiled in the 1920s, and it made my punk rock historical archeologist friend cry to think that someone would give away such a wonderful family heirloom. Let the the several dozen photos within serve us, the global street style family, one blog post at a time.
These looks are the 20s looks I really strive to mimic when possible. People often forget that beaded gowns were not the only garment produced during the era. The flapper I love is the sporty flapper, much like Miss Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby. I see her as a vivacious and curious woman excited for the new opportunities on the horizon and eager to push boundaries.

I love this one so much I framed it and put it up on my bedroom wall. It's like "Bonnie and Clyde: the Prequel"

This book is full of goodies like this picture. Stylish hotness is like much the way Dante describes divine love: it just keeps multiplying on itself. Do I see a black silk bias cut shift with faux tuxedo detailing? It gives the expression "if looks could kill" a whole new meaning because my heart is stopping dead in its tracks. The pumps, I am less crazy about. They still make shoes just like this, they are super comfy and look like barf.

The shoes in this image, however, are amazing, as are these outfits! Is the woman on the far right wearing a studded belt? Because that would be too cool.

Yes, yes she is.

I started squealing with delight when I saw these two photos. Dresses like these are the reason I bother to struggle with a sewing machine ever... (I hate to sew sadly). The shoes seem less awful here for some reason...

If you couldn't already tell, I"m a firm believer that fashion only moves in one direction: reverse. This snapshot of the proto-60s-shift-dress is case in point.

Last but not least for today's post...

...two beautiful ghost women I would love to have haunt me...

Check back for parts II through ??? (like I said, I've got a few dozen of these babies).


  1. What a great find! The first photo is especially amazing.

  2. oh, i have the jealousy. this is an excellent find. i am in love with the three girls in the snow and the two in the field. i want to hang with them.

  3. the snow photo is so priceless! seriously, is that a metal studded belt on the far right? i didn't even know they had such punk rock awesomeness back then


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