February 10, 2010

highlights of hearing temple grandin speak last night

For those of you who don't know, Temple Grandin is an author and animal behaviorist specialist who has used her autism as a means of understanding animals. Some of you should not keep reading because I was there to listen, not protest.

I loved her overall relaxed, kinda country manner as well as her choice of a black western shirt with glittery embroidery and a red sorta man's scarf/bolero situation. tres western, but then again when you specialize in animal handling systems and teach at CSU...
She's rather hilarious in her offhand responses to other people-- apparently she was tired, which makes distractions far more difficult to bear. She straight up argued with some guy in the front row who kept rocking, completely impervious to the fact that like 200 people were watching. Basically you can get the gist of what's she's all about from her many books, npr interviews and the recent HBO movie starring one of my favorite contemporary actresses, Claire Danes (My So Called Life anyone?). But here's a sampling of just how funny and brilliant she can be:

*"What is the difference between geeks, nerds and aspergers? There isn't."

*"I was amazed at the number of problems that I could fix with lights and cardboard."

*"You don't want to replace direct observation with paperwork." (Hello, NPS, this be for you)

*"...an extreme sharpei... I see a dormed freakazoid."

*"...three trillion [government] dollars... it went into... the vapor of the online casino world..."

*"You can't take the geek out of the geek and you shouldn't do that."

*"... yeah, they should have a degree in science to be teaching high school science."


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  1. I'm so jealous! She seems like an amazing woman.


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