February 22, 2010

early 90s style bulletin

now that it's 2010, that means the 20 year mark is beginning to pass for early 90s fashions. Ie: they're baaaacckk. Here are my predictions of the looks that are gonna really blow up, ace of base style:
  • layering bigtime, as in clarissa explains it all style. key to this look is the mixture of long with short, tight with loose.
  • stuff from shops like: merry-go-round; contempo casuals; french toast;  us boys; all that jazz; early express (remember when they were doing the french thing before the whole techno look?)
  • tiny backpacks, especially clear, leather and the quilted leather kind by chanel
  • the trashy pam anderson look-- oh wait, that look never went away
  • grunge: oh wait, that look has been the uniform of the pacific northwest for the past 150 years
  • remember puffy paint shirts and sweatshirts? i see that making a big comeback but somehow styled stylishly (mail me a personalized puffy paint shirt and i promise to be your friend)
  • The 70s revival look ala Dee-lite (including the chunky heels):

  • sportswear; sportswear; sportswear. somehow made slutty, like high heeled guess sneakers
  • crazy plastics, especially clear stuff and those chunky lucite rings with neon dried flowers in them
  • crushed velvet; bell sleeves; light colored jeans; pacifier necklaces-- just not all worn together
  • to summarize, check out the following picture:

  • a contempo casuals suede mini dress (leopard, leather and lusty lbd. does it get better?); an all that jazz crushed velvet dress. seriously, american apparel has copped this exact same silhouette and fabric, minus the ornament. and last but not least, the aforementioned guess sneakers. back when I was first getting into style, I admired these on a girl who was far cooler and foxier than myself. my mom said I wasn't grown up enough. how you like me now-- grown up enough for ya??!!

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  1. oh how I love 90's fashion... I'm almost certain it's because I was at such an impressionable age during its heyday. Clarissa had the BEST outfits and the best-decorated room... I would watch that show just for the costume design and set decoration. Damn I got to rewatch it.


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