January 17, 2010

Seasonal Style Report: Winter 2010 + a dash of spring

on my flight back to oregon, i was pleased to discover that the most recent harpar's bazaar runway report still focused on winter looks despite the launch of spring 2010. the reality is, it's still winter through late march and in oregon it certainly will feel like winter until at least may. i love the drama of winter colors and textures especially when that drama is focused through the lens of a lady like vintage femme fatale.

Makeup and Hair:
i was pretty lazy with makeup this past fall, but i've decided my life is too stressful right now not to put on war paint even on those days no one sees me but the clerk at the convenience store i refer to as the special k down the street. if you had the pleasure of seeing the oct. or nov. '09 W featuring Uma Thurman, her makeup looks were quite inspiring to me.that and mac's holiday 09 look magic, mirth and mischief. in the past i've pretty much focused only on eye and skin makeup but i have discovered my love of not just one but two amazingly bold and classic reds, nar's dragon girl (very vintage ruby red) and the ubiquitous russian red by mac.
  • dark blue smokey lids with silvery browbone sometimes with russian red lips (mostly neutral). apparently blue lids and red lips was what old-money chicks from the 20s like daisy in the great gatsby would have stuck with while their flapper counterparts
  • dark sparkly brown lids with electric blue mascara
  • red lips with super neutral eyes or skinny but super long liquid liner (black of course)
  • i was told once never to use shades of red around your eyes. not true not true!! i am loving girly pink lids (like the same shade as your first color of nail polish) with liner or all by themselves. i'd been searching for the perfect metallicy brick red shadow for the longest time and finally found it a couple weeks ago. if i found the perfect very sheer blue lipstick i think it would be the most amazing drama-in-reverse. or blended into dark purple for a most unusual smokey eye
  • teal lids are great on those gray days which also make you feel like wearing gray
  • metallic lids never go out of style in my opinion: i love silver, copper and pewter
  • now that i've learned pincurls my life feels... closer to complete
you know me, i love to mix vintage with unexpected elements but i'm always stepping it up a notch and playing the unexpected.
  • in my late 30s and onwards i plan to culivate a more sophisticated, structured and elegant yet still totally eccentric and eclectic. i'm not ready to wear nicer skirt suites but i'm nodding to my future self with 50s dresses in bold colors and fabrics (red, teal, wool, velvet)
  • hosiery, always
  • my new year's resolution = dress more slutty
  • really loving the color black these days too

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