December 28, 2009

a thrifting before leaving

this post is long overdue... my month long trip to virginia is almost over and i'm only now getting around to posting my last oregon thrift scores of 2009. the sunday about a week before leaving oregon, i woke up with the desire to thrift. logically, it made no sense: weekends are the busiest and most picked over times for a thrift store. but my natural instincts to hunt vintage did not fail me: according to chris, my scores were so good it was as though i had been shopping in a vintage store. not only did i find lots of charming 50s garments, they all fit amazingly too except for this yellow number that is gonna make me famous on ebay (well...) (ebay name is adeerable in case you're wondering)

love the tag and the print. best part is that the sleeves are extra long and double lined because the "stuffed shirt" people know a girl likes to cuff her sleeves.

classic 50s plaid shirt with all the trimmings. yum

i introduce y'all to el vest.

this wonderful magenta number reminds me of something the hot secretary from mad men would wear. and i definitely feel like some kind of hot early 60s secretary (like from the movie Secretary...) while wearing it. especially with my awesome 40s chino-american jacket.

the following are actually from previous thrifting adventures in oregon this fall that i forgot to post

urban outfitters only wishes they had glasses this fucking cool and legit. ha!

what is life without vintage poodles? I'd like to take this moment to commemorate the recent passing of my favorite poodle of all time: Moe Meyers, a wonderful toy poodle and great friend. You will be missed, RIP.

keep your eyes peeled for an exciting edition of Virginia's finest coming up soon

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