November 20, 2009

forgive me darlings

i know i've been bad! as i've said i've been majorly behind in all arenas of life, including blogging, thrifting and thinking. that being said, the past couple months back in oregon, especially the two weeks my mom was here, i've found some serious thriftscores. behold:

one of the best things about this part of oregon is that all the thrift stores have a halloween rack reserved for "eccentric clothes" ie: old or odd. naturally, i shop for both everyday and formal clothes where others purchase costumes. which is probably why i opted to spend halloween naked at the hotsprings this year instead of dressed up at a party.
this past halloween it appears everyone donated those "silly" 50s party dresses. suckas.

sadly, i can't quite zip up the back and have devoted myself to solving this problem (bye bye fries)

i read a few months ago somewhere that any hunter of vintage clothes who also wants a practical wardrobe should aim to own little black dresses from various periods. simple enough to wear anywhere but with enough of a vintage accent to set you apart. (more on the new style i'm developing: subtle subversion).
this piece truly puzzles me. it seems super old based on the fabric and construction, but the style throws me for a loop. a totally see through shirt dress from the 40s that's also skin tight? its probably too good to be true, but i'm gonna style on that lie... any objections?
ah, the printed 50s shirt dress. why did they stop making these exactly?!
this is actually from a 2nd hand shop i sell my stuff sometimes... it was just too charming to pass up. handmade too. expect this dress to be thoroughly exploited this winter.
the thrift gods kept sending me vintage lbds.

one of the best treasures ever: a 1946 wool jacket. its not in the most awesome shape, but as any portlander will tell you, the more tattered a vintage garment the more comfortable you'll feel wearing it while riding your bike!
it doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it fits rather charmingly.
ah, the precious 1950s skirt suite. part of my s.s. style.

and saving the last for best: after keeping my eyes peeled for the past few years, i have finally stumbled upon genuine vintage bakelite in a thrift store!! this was found in bme where i also found my mum a genuine victorian butter dish.

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