October 06, 2009

my last days in california: mendocino, jugg handle state reserve, and humboldt

hello folks, i've been back in beautiful scenic oregon for about a week, but hadn't had the chance to post about my last couple days in sunny california.

after driving from point reyes to bodega bay on wed., i drove up to mendocino, a town whose victorian architecture and oceanside location make it so quaint and charming that it constitutes as an official case of t.c.o.: total cuteness overload.

some pictures of the drive:

old buildings: even when they look like this, i still love em.

these flowers called naked ladies are all over the place from san fran to fort bragg.

and here is mendocino:

masonic temple which also acts as a bank

former church, now a kickass healthfood store

can you tell this town was founded by new englanders?

ask me about my love of vintage trailer homes

i then visited jugg handle state reserve, home to an ecological staircase including a rare pygmy forest. and also the first place i ever got really really lost in the woods all alone!

this structure disturbed me intensely for some reason.

in person this made me feel like i walked right into one of georgia's paintings

and now you know what a pygmy forest looks like

I then made it up to humboldt county, easily one of the kitschiest places ever. the further north i drove in california, the more and more i fell in love. the redwoods maybe be the closest thing we have to angels on earth.

in eureka i visited the blue ox milworks-- an AMAZING victorian wood working shop, plaster studio and printing press, featuring dozens of victorian tools like jigsaws and bandsaws. they also run an alternative education program for troubled teens who learn traditional crafts instead of going to normal school. WHY THE FUCK WAS THAT NOT AVAILABLE TO ME??!!! i can not stress how awesome and inspiring this place was, especially since my thesis focuses on 19th century domestic architecture.

eric, the founder, makes all his own varnishes and stains the old fashioned way!!!

i spent the last night of journey in arcata, which is perhaps a place best discovered by attending the local geography club's locavore potluck. yes, really.

i'll post more regarding reflections my summer in a couple weeks-- in the meantime i am hosting my parents so wish me luck!!

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