October 28, 2009

and finally: The Best of California Thriftscores

the past couple weeks have existed in a state of limbo between my road trip and the beginning of school. i've definitely been behind on everything, in large part to a 2 week long visit from my folks. its hard to ignore people you miss who live across the continent from you... especially when they are wining and dining you, cleaning your house and helping you find ceramic poodles (another blog).
in any case, here, 3 weeks later is my blog on

the best of california thrift scores:

this ever so elegant top is perhaps as old as the 20s, possibly 30s based on the crepe fabric. (we'll talk about the dress-form in a future blog) (found in humboldt)

get ready for one of the coolest dresses ever. it's a 40s, maybe 30s, crepe number featuring beaded fringe and an amazing tag (i'm thinking of you mustang) (found in s.f.)

i have no idea how the bow was meant to be tied. it has snaps.

even the back has that extra pizazz only beading can give. this dress is also very unique in that it is one of few pieces i will ever own without ripping out the shoulder pads (hey it was the style back then and suits this dress). moving on...

printed shifts are the petite girl's best friend (hi twiggy). especially when her great aunt, a former seamstress, alters them for you. (top: fresno; bottom: outside yosemite)

shirt dresses are also best when tailored. (found outside yosemite)

this is one of my favorite dresses ever, and its the one discussed in my s.f. theft blog. it's just the best 50s floral summer dress ever and its been proven that the universe wants me to own it. (outside yosemite)

hopefully you can make out the buttons and detail along the waist of this early 60s lbds. thank the style gods for vintage lbds (fb friends know this little number gets plenty of use). (fresno)

omg, that's right. whoever steve was, thanks! (humboldt)

how romantic! my bedroom is definitely looking boudoir like these days, but all the action takes place on the walls i'm afraid (and no not like that). (outside yosemite)

OMG original rainbow brite doll with her friend and pet. (outside yosemite)

and finally, these 50s earings are made of nickel, to which i'm allergic but i'm trying to figure out if vintage elegance might serve as an antidote...

coming soon: oregon thrift stores treat me well too

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  1. by the way, the sheet behind the dress form is also a thrift score from fresno


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