September 06, 2009

some historic sites of interest...

this past week i had the immense pleasure of being able to check out several historic structures in and around the park. get ready to dork out historic preservation style:

above and below are two shots of the el portal chapel, formerly a school house built in the 30s now operating as a church. this building needs some serious help i'm sad to say.

a plaque from '25 marking the terminal moraine of the last glacial period in the park

1879 chapel in the valley, recently restored

loooove the hands, taken in the valley's pioneer cemetery
inside the 1895 jail house in historic groveland (a gem of a town)
bad miner, bad!
love it!
um, quite possibly the coolest car i've ever seen.

(outside groveland) how cool is oddfellows hall?
same building from the side, 3 additions visible. the staircase had both nominal and dimensional lumber.
circular saw marks on the stairs = late 1800s
this building was like a block away and must have been built by the same builder. love the field stone and brick combo plus the colors
and last but not least, here is what appears to be a classic car bone yard on 132.

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