September 17, 2009

santa cruz

back in high school, my greatest dream was to go to UC santa cruz and be a banana slug. sadly, i never achieved that dream and my visit here these past couple days makes me wish otherwise.

something really amazing about santa cruz is its quirky signage, lots of it from the late 50s/ early 60s in a style called googie or populuxe.

a special favorite

the beaches are really gorgeous, i had the fortune of hanging out near a bonfire last night.

an 1885 classic beach cottage. it's like an architectural cupcake.

on a trail in in de laveaga park.

just south of santa cruz is aptos, whose beach features a failed attempt at an concrete ship. i mean, really, a concrete ship?! what were they thinking?!

even when they're decaying, i just love old cars.

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