September 20, 2009

san francisco part II

now san francisco is what i call a city! it is kinda represented by the following shelf created by my darling and talented friend madeleine:

vibrant, quirky, victorian, vintage, random, diverse

i'm staying in one of the most gorgeous apartments i've ever been in. so much so, it's been featured here. the best part is that as you walk in, the staircase smells like the inside of a cigar box. why isn't that an incense?

it may possibly be the quirkiest city with the highest density of hipsters and wierdos i've ever seen. keep in mind two things: 1. that's a huge plus for me and 2. i lived for 2 years in new york city. experiences with complete wierdos include: a woman walking down the street with her pants literally below crotch level 10 feet in front of us.

i also love love love the architecture and signage!

notice the key hole details.

never call me mel

There is also an abundance of charming doorways. ah victoriana!

the hilarious and apparently controversial falling furniture building!

s.f. is also famous for its street art

becca is an artist i have admired (and also feared) since i was 18

me and madeleine checked out the vintage expo-- it was seriously like i had died and gone to heaven! i learned so much about 20s garments as well as dating jewelry. i picked up a couple neat pieces too, including deadstock bakelite hair clips from the 50s. me and madeleine are apparently really good thrift buddies too (more on thrift buddies in a later blog). we checked out a couple thrift stores in the mission. she found an amazing 50s silk dress with rhinestones on the collar (all intact) while i found an even older crepe cocktail dress from the 30s or 40s with beaded fringe! we each paid only 8 bucks for total gems.

in short: s.f.'in rules!!

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