September 13, 2009

road trip: day 1.

so, my journey officially starts in san luis obispo (i drove there from yosemite yesterday). i wanted to start in pismo beach simply because in bugs bunny cartoons, bugs always often tunneled out of the ground only to exclaim "this ain't pismo beach." as a kid i somehow got this confused with pepto bismol and so imagined this amazing hot pink beach where bugs hung out. sadly, due to time constraints, i will have to pay homage to looney toons (so much better than disney in my opinion) another time.

in SLO i stayed at the HI hostel, which was wonderful! it's in a beautiful victorian with friendly common areas and staff plus this adorable cat:

why doesn't everyone do this?

i paid a visit to the mission and its charming museum where i encountered the following victorian items. i guess normal people consider this shit creepy but i find it beautiful and compelling.
love it!

such elegance!

it was common for victorians to keep their own hair or those of loved ones and make decorative wreaths like this one. this kinda shit is right up my alley.

only a historic preservation dork such as myself is fascinated by an 18th century window frame.

the mission's garden includes a "mother-in-law cushion"

the M on the hill... look out for posts on hillside letters in the future


if only all theaters were as cool as this one
i then ventured north to the hearst castle. i won't post the stock photos here, just the random stuff i tend to obsess over.

are women beautiful or what?

speaking of, this is venus.

i want these clothes!

is she charming or what?

this, on the other hand, slightly creepy

(sideways) donkey time

i then started to drive up the coast, until reaching monterey (but that's tomorrow's post)

elephant seal vista point in san simian

i just love these fatties

despite being super cloudy and foggy and therefore barely seeing the sea, big sur is easily one of the most gorgeous places i've ever been

amazing how sand and water can rival hearst castle.


  1. Remeber when we saw a hairwreath like that in Astoria, OR? It was made out of several different shades...

  2. yep, i definitely remember that, i really like these... now that my hair is chopped off looks like you'll have to supply your own


looking forward to hearing from you!