September 24, 2009

point reyes

wow, the further north i go, the more i seem to fall in love!

on the drive there: stinson beach

grouse or maybe quails on the trail in point reyes

not sure what kind of flower these are but super cute and orange

beach on the 5 mile loop

some of my journal:
"i've just noticed, maybe for the first time, the shadows a leaf falling in the forest casts. it takes patience to sit in teh forest and watch leaves fall, quite literally. metaphorically, too, leaves represent a kind of passing of time, change through a series of moments, in the tree's case, seasons. just as, through total passivity to natural forces, the leaf falls gracefully and begins its death, which is essentially just a change into something else. new leaves eventually take their place until the whole organism dies too.
it's hard to let go of moments sometimes, to recognize when all the natural forces in our lives -- instincts, laws of physics, dreams-- are mandating that it's time to go. maybe meditation is to watch the passing moments of my life submit to going with the flow, a large part of which is letting it all go-- my uncle, regrets, nostalgia, ex boyfriends etc. etc.. the descent towards decay is beautiful in and onto itself. harmony is always like a healthy tree

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