September 13, 2009

my last two days in yosemite...

i got to finally fulfill a long term dream, to ride a horse. well, that's only half true since i rode a mule but hey, i ain't complainin' because it was totally exciting!! i rode lovely alice while talking to the guide, whose father works in california's largest women's prison, housing 4,500 inmates. for those of you not in the know, thanks in part to the show oz and the book russian prison tattoos, i am oddly fascinated with prisons. (no, i am not one of those "killers and the women who love them" chicks.) needless to say, it was an interesting ride.

this was my sweet ride, alice.

how to tell the difference between donkeys and horses:
donkeys have big ears that stick out. horses have little ones close to their heads.

a creek stained red thanks to iron.

on my very last day, besides dealing with car troubles, i visited leconte memorial, the building that inspired park rustic architecture, or parchitecture if you're sassy.

since i'm in that picture, i can't show it! but i can show you this amazing view of half dome as seen from the valley floor:

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