September 17, 2009

how could i forget to share such a beautiful secret (kinda)

i can't believe i forgot to mention probably my favorite outing here in the SC- a visit to a secret beach. so secret, i've sworn to never: mention its name on my blog; post any pictures; tell other people about it; acknowledge i know of its existence when asked. it's kinda like joining a secret beach mafia. let's just say the sandstone formations are ethereal, so softly curved and colored in such a way that for a second you think you're tripping. we had to run through a sandstone archway, risking high tide, to land on the beach itself. the waves crash like angry aqua giants on the sand and rocks, leaving behind a foam so thick and mystical i couldn't help but think that there is no better substance from which Venus would have rose. (sometimes the ancients knew what they were talking about i guess.)

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