September 17, 2009

a gem of a day

the past couple days in santa cruz, although wonderful, have also proven difficult in that a lot of emotions have been stirred up to the surface, combined with pms and the ocean's ability to churn it all up. so my day visiting lesser known but equally charming spots has proven rewarding and affirming.

i drove up to felton and ben lomond this morning, then drove north inland on 9 through the big basin redwoods.
here's a couple snaps from the drive as i got into half moon bay:

i dare you to say this doesn't remind you at least a little of italy

then i visited montara where there is a gorgeous marine reserve (fitzgerald) with lots of tidepools. the walk there was really nice, alongside a really romantic sandy cliff covered in beach succulents and the ocasional bright yellow, orange or pink blossom. everything was cast in teh perfect golden state light. amazing how much better a walk can make you feel.

There were so many gorgeous shells in the most elegant color palette: delicate pinks and pearls, touches of bright orange, teal and even purple. I was so tempted to take one, just one, but of course i didn't dare. Most of the shells were inhabited by hermit crabs so i got to see those lovely shells scurying about busily from time to time.

The anemones almost glowed, they were those perfectly odd shades of neon green and pink.
When the water moved into the tidepools, it looked and sounded like an understated symphony. Some of the seaweed was a bright shade of red against maroon so they looked especially vibrant when flowing with the current.
The rocks were perfectly grippy, too, truly a lesson in cooperative living.
those are harbor seals near the tidepools.

i passed these trees on the way to the marine reserve. now what do they remind you of?
this house was also on the way. ah, california!

my hostel is located next to a 1928 lighthouse as well as its turn of the century victorian gothic residence.

here it is at sunset, and during the day.

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