August 08, 2009

a week of total fun

darling readers,

i almost have too much to blog about! this past week i had the pleasure of hosting my friend, let's call her abbeille. we met up in san francisco (my first time there!), enjoyed a few days in the park before i dropped her off at the airport in fresno where i spent the past couple days with my great aunt. let's just say it's best to come to her table in stretchy pants!!

San Francisco
is it the coolest u.s. city ever?

the musee mechanique, which houses old coin operated machines and photo booths provided more visual stimulation than any single person needs. especially if you like pin-up!


funny, you'd imagine this title to be on one of the peep shows...

uh, yeah, so when i saw this house, i literally started shouting "my brains are about to explode!"
too beautiful!!

as most of my pictures feature either me or abbeille, i can't post them here. we visited: the fissures/taft point, sentinel dome, the tuoleme grove, gaylor lakes and tenaya lake. you know you wish i hosted you!

the fissures: don't fall in!

north dome and basket dome as seen from sentinel dome. aka: nice rack!

no one can get enough of big trees!

well dears, thanks for reading, i wish i could post more, but me be sleepy...

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  1. glad you posted your falls trip...looks just like all the pics i couldn't take!


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