August 21, 2009

last weekend's hike up mount hoffman

last weekend i hiked up to may lake and then continued up to mount hoffman. let me just say that for the first time ever, i developed a fear of heights! i got within 50 feet of the top, which is where you really have to scramble up the rocks. i sat down and noticed that i was 3 feet away from a sheer drop where a beautiful huge lake looked like it could fit into a thimble! but despite my trembling (yes, really) i managed to make it all the way to the top! my friend georgia once told me that its important to have painting as a refuge so that you have somewhere to work it all out when your mom dies. but i think for me the more appropriate venue for my grief would be to climb a mountain.

may lake

i loved this splash of color on my hike

may lake seen from the trail

this is me, 50 feet from the top, shaking like a polaroid picture

my ass made it all the way to the top!

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